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Albatross CX: Mystery Shopping Jobs (Full Review)

Company Overview: Albatross CX is a mystery shopping company that offers assignments all over the world including the United States and Canada. Their website states that they are, “proud to be a genuinely diverse company, with a staff that is over 50% women and represents over 26 different nationalities.” Albatross CX represents 200 clients and has over 200,00 mystery shoppers worldwide.


How to Sign Up and Get Assignments: Albatross CX refers to their mystery shoppers as “store performance evaluators,” and joining the company seems like a smooth and straightforward process. Simply click here and scroll down to “Sign up to be an Evaluator.” Next, follow the three-part registration process and get ready to shop.


What Others Have to Say: According to an article written about Albatross CX on their website, they are one of the best paying mystery shopping companies out there. The article states, “Shoppers can complete one to five shops a month, depending on their location. You’ll get paid bi-weekly via PayPal. A shopper can earn $50-$100 per shopping trip.” These are some of the highest rates in the industry.


Personal Experience: Although I have not actually completed mystery shopping assignments with this company, their payments are the most lucrative that I have seen. Most companies pay their shoppers between $10 to $15 per assignment but Albatross CX is on another level. They specialize in serving high-end clients and pay their shoppers accordingly.


Conclusion: Albatross CX appears to be a good company to work for. The fact that a third-party company wrote such a positive article about the organization speaks volumes. Another plus is the very high paying assignments they offer. The only negative is the fact that Albatross CX is not a certified member of the MSPA. However, I would still recommend signing up and giving them a try.




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