Aaron Murdoch

Earn $150 by Saying “No” to this Mystery Shop

We have heard the horror stories of people who have been enticed with a free hotel stay and a free gift just to attend a so-called, “presentation.” Everything usually starts out well and dandy with a well-spoken representative of a timeshare company who just innocently wants to inform their group of listeners about their special vacation opportunities at a luxury resort. Couples begin strong, but sometimes the mix of a beautiful getaway and a little bit of sales pressure can cause even the most hardened consumer to crack.


If you are the kind of person who enjoys wasting the time of timeshare salespeople and finds joy in saying “no” until the representative waves the white flag in surrender, this might be the perfect mystery shopping assignment for you. Afterall, you’ve more than earned that free set of kitchen knives by sitting through hours of people saying that you “owe it to yourself” to spend thousands of dollars on their timeshare products. If you stay strong, you will make a cool $150 just for saying “no.”


To be eligible for this shop, this company wants shoppers to be at least 28 years of age and must attend the presentation with a “significant other.” Shoppers are not permitted to bring children, pets, or any additional people to the shop. Mystery shoppers will be asked to play the role of someone who earns at least $80,000 per year and frequently takes approximately 12 to 14 trips on an annual basis. At the conclusion of the sales pitch and when it is time to make a purchase decision, you will decline due to a certain financial issue that may be coming up. To learn more about this opportunity, click here.

Your Comments:

  1. teri robinson says:

    well, i have time share appt aleast 2 dozen in yrs
    love the food and extras i always say no
    why because i can.
    all this appt and foods are tax write offs
    and i like disney world

    • Karen Sauer says:

      My husband and I enjoyed the Timeshare Presentations that we attended in Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta, MX. We both agreed that we were not buying and I had no problem at the end of the presentation to say “No.” I enjoy going on the resort tours and receiving the gifts that are offered for attending.

      I have great communication skills and writing skills. I am detail orientated and manage my time wisely.

      I truly enjoy listening to different Timeshare Presentations and l feel I would be a great candidate for this assignment


      Karen Sauer

  2. Debbie Copeland says:

    No I would not enjoy going to one I have been to several some wasn’t to bad but some lasted forever I have no desire to try again

  3. Melanie Brummett says:

    No I would not be interested in a Time Share. I would not want to be roped into something I did not like.

  4. Kathy says:

    I really enjoy the Time Share Presentations and the gifts. I also like saying NO. I would be a great candidate for a job like this. Interesting fun but always NO.

  5. Princes Sanders McCann says:

    No I would not be interested in time share. Because it takes a lot of time off your hands if you truly love going places.

  6. Susan Estes says:

    I remember doing these shops 20 years ago. My husband and I rarely went anywhere, so this was always a nice night out. Since we didn’t have the money, we knew we couldn’t say yes. I received some great gifts for my time and I didn’t mind earning them. The sales representatives learned from our responses, and it was good practice for them. I would do it again.

  7. Katherine Hicks says:

    This sounds interesting but require more info. Where do the presentations take place? Is the travel cost to get there covered or out of pocket? Thank you for taking the time to reply.

  8. Donna blue says:

    I would To participate I have done so in the past and have not bought a timeshare yet so let me know thank you

  9. Donna blue says:

    I would Like yo participate I have done so in the past and have not bought a timeshare yet so let me know thank you

  10. Donna blue says:

    I would Like yo participate I have done so in the past and have not bought a timeshare yet so let me know thank you,

  11. LaDonna Green says:

    I have attended several…
    Some are high pressure and some aren’t..
    I enjoy attending these…
    I would like to do this in Florida during the winter months..
    More information please..

  12. Dawn Van Nornam says:

    Time Shares can be tedious time consuming presentations. Saying no will be easy as it has in the past. I would enjoy taking the time to say no to one in California.