Aaron Murdoch

Earn $33 Mystery Shopping with Your Dog

Dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and even pigs play an active role within the modern day American family. There comes a time in most households where young children desire to take on the responsibility of feeding, walking, and grooming a pet of their own.  According to PRN Newswire, the pet industry across the United States is continuing to grow with retail sales climbing to almost an additional five percent when compared to last year’s numbers. Do you know what the number one item sold last year that is responsible for this tremendous amount of growth? The answer makes sense – pet food.


CNBC states that Americans will end up forking out over $70 billion on their beloved furry friends in 2018. CNBC also mentioned that “Pet owners aren’t going to stop spending on their pets just because money is tight. They don’t view these costs as discretionary spending and are willing to give up other expenses to cater to their pets.” This means that even when the economy begins to weaken, pet’s will continue to be a top priority for their owners.


Pet-loving mystery shoppers will be in ‘doggy heaven’ with today’s new assignment. This mystery shopping company is looking for shoppers to contact a pet resort for a “FREE Get Acquainted visit, complete a short tour and return to pick up your dog at the agreed upon time,” according to the job posting on Mystery Shop Forum. The only prerequisite for this shop is that all dogs must be up to date with all of their shots. Payment for this assignment is $33, which works out to $16.50 per hour – not a bad deal to have your dog pampered for free. Click here to learn more about this pet resort assignment.


Your Comments:

  1. MS says:

    Too bad this is not available in Europe!

  2. Jamie Nicholas Aronetz says:

    My mom’s dog won’t let me walk with her.

  3. Carla says:

    Does not give me a link to click on.

  4. twostepps says:

    Too bad, it is a typical post no idea of where it is at until you take the time to go to the website then you discover that it isn’t for you.

  5. Rhonda says:

    Call me picky, but I am not sure I would want to leave one my precious poochies with a complete stranger just to make $33.00. Now, I did a fun pet store shop, once and ended up spending the entire fee on treats and toys for my doggies. LOL.