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Earn $60 to Take a Volkswagen for a Spin

The History Channel is a wonderful resource for historical information. Recently, I was perusing their website and I learned that in 1937, the car company, Volkswagen was established and its name at the time “Volkswagenwerk” translates directly into “The People’s Car Company.” During that time, Adolf Hitler was in power and according to the History Channel, “Hitler’s pet project was the development and mass production of an affordable yet still speedy vehicle that could sell for less than 1,000 Reich marks (about $140 at the time).”


Fast forward 81 years into the year 2018, Volkswagen still remains to be one of the top-selling vehicle brands on a global scale. The Mystery Shop Forum has a job posting for mystery shoppers to conduct a test drive at a Volkswagen dealership of their choice. These assignments are paying a substantial $60 for your time to schedule an appointment with a specific salesperson and take a Volkswagen for a test drive.


Shoppers must only choose one Volkswagen dealership location to conduct the shop and it is mandatory to schedule an appointment in advance. Shops may only be visited between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm and a test drive must be conducted. According to the posting, “These are targeted shops. You must shop the specific salesperson listed in your shop log and no one else. You will be calling ahead and making an appointment with the target, but do not at any time reveal that you are a shopper.” To earn a nice $60 for this Volkswagen mystery shop, click here to learn more about this opportunity.

Your Comments:

  1. Robert J Corey Jr says:

    I have over 75 INF shops as well as Tesla shops so this is perfect thanks!


    Please let me know where the Tesla and Volkswagen shops are here in Georgia. Thanks.

  3. Julie says:

    Do you have any shops in:
    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Kentwood MI
    Wyoming MI
    Grandville MI

  4. Joyce Moore says:

    I am interested in doing the shop in National City, CA. Please email me!

  5. Veronique Bower says:

    Any over here in South East Florida ?

  6. Ronaka Davis says:

    Have one in Myrtle Beach close to my home

  7. Barbara S. says:

    Any shops in the Panhandle of Florida