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Easy No Purchase Mystery Shop for Quick Cash

Today’s mystery shop is all about home energy, saving money, and earning some fast cash – all at the same time. This assignment does not require a purchase which is always a plus for those shoppers who prefer to not spend any more money than they have to, myself included! Mystery Shop Forum has a posting on their job board looking for shoppers to complete a retail energy inquiry study that promises to be quick and to the point.


The job post states, “You will interact with an Energy Agent (or EA) that is wearing a logo shirt and a name tag around his/her neck. It will be regarding obtaining electricity for your home, and you will evaluate the interaction with the Energy Agent. You will submit all flyers, pamphlets, or material you are given during the interaction.” Also, shoppers are required to take four photos to show that they were physically at the location. To see if there is there is a mystery shop opportunity near you, click here to read the full article.


If you like to cut energy costs on your monthly bill to save even more money, here are a few simple extra energy saving tips to keep even more cash in your wallet. According to  EnergySage, these tips are tips that anyone can do.


-Replace your light bulbs with LEDs

-Use smart power strips to avoid “phantom loads”

-Turn down your water heater’s thermostat

-Use weather stripping, caulking, or insulation to fill cracks

-Install a programmable thermostat


To learn more about saving money by reducing your energy consumption on your utility bill, click here for more detailed information.




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