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One of the frequent topics of discussion on seems to be shoppers complaining about editors emailing them for clarification or rejecting their shops.  Most of the these discussions are started by shoppers that are new to the industry and have not yet realized how important it is to read the shop instructions and follow them as closely as possible.  I was an editor for Aboutface Corporation for six months last year after mystery shopping for over 6 years so I have been on both sides of the fence.  Actually, I guess you could say I’m still on the fence since I still mystery shop and recently started editing for another company. Hopefully this article will help shoppers to understand the mystery shopping industry from a different angle as well as how you may be able to get started as an editor.

First of all, most editors are not trying to harass shoppers when they ask for more information.  Usually there is an important guideline that was not met or the narrative was contradictory to the Yes or No answer provided.  The editors try to do everything they can to make the shop acceptable before contacting the shopper, but sometimes it is just not fixable.

Second, if the shop is unacceptable and must be rejected.  The shopper is not the only one who doesn’t get paid.  A scheduler and editor may have spent quite a bit of time contacting a shopper to get a shop completed, but if the shop is rejected, nobody gets paid.  And since editors get paid a minimal amount per shop completed they do not want to waste the time on uncooperative shoppers.

As I mentioned, editor fees are nowhere near as much as the shopper fees, however, with the proper training, a good grasp on grammar, and a little patience, as well as a good reputation as a shopper, editing may be for you.  Aboutface Corporation offers training and apprenticeships to become an editor, or Quality Control Editor Supplier, as the company calls the position.  I have seen some recent posts that they are currently looking for editors.
There are a few specific requirements such as being able to use Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Excel and Word.  You must also be familiar enough with computers to install some other required software such as an instant messenger and spell-checking for Internet Explorer.

To apply for a Quality Control Editor Supplier position, you must first register at the following link: This will allow access to the Mystery Shopper Supplier Qualification.  Once you complete that, you will be directed to take a quiz and will receive your score in a few days. If your score meets the requirements and you are accepted, you will receive an enrollment key that will allow you to access the QC Editor Supplier Application Process.

Upon starting the Application Process you will receive further guidance from management and other editors.  If I remember correctly, you will start getting paid as an apprentice once you start this process.  You will be asked to do one or two shops a day until you start getting the hang of how the process works.  The pay is not much at this point since it has to be checked by Senior and Master editors as well.  The apprenticeship could be a few days or a few weeks, depending on how hard you work and how well you are doing.  Once you complete the apprenticeship, Junior Editor is the next step.

The pay is increased at this level and varies depending on the type of shop being edited.  Eventually, depending on performance and dedication Senior and Master Levels can be reached which pay even better.  At this point you may be asked to start training other editors.

The company is large enough that there are usually plenty of shops to be edited, so income potential is based on the individual editor’s motivation and efficiency.  With a little patience most people are able to memorize the guidelines for each type of shop to the point where several reports can be completed in an hour.

Working as an editor has definitely given me a different perspective on the mystery shopping industry and the potential to earn money.  It has also improved my professionalism as a shopper.  Editing is not for everyone, just as mystery shopping is not the best fit for all people, but it is well worth putting in the effort for those who are serious about working from home.

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  1. Jo says:

    What is the pay per hour? How are you paid? Are you paid per edit? If so, how much? Thanks.

  2. Jo says:

    Are you paid per edit? If so, how much? Thanks.