Aaron Murdoch

FreeEats: A Money Making App

Company Overview: FreeEats is a fun way to make some extra money by clicking on links sent to members via text messages. According to their website, “We pay registered members to respond to surveys and view our clients’ advertising and other content on registered mobile devices. If you register, you’ll get paid to receive messages that may contain links to other content, including our own FreeEats.com surveys.”


How to Sign Up and Get Assignments: Registering for FreeEats is a speedy and simple process. Simply go to their website and click on “Sign Up” at the top of the webpage. Next, enter your telephone number, zip code, and agree to their Terms of Service and you are off to the races. New members will receive a text message with a link that must be clicked on to verify confirmation.


Types of Assignments Offered: For the most part, members will receive text messages that require them to click on two or more links within an advertisement. Once this is completed, members will be paid approximately one week later through their PayPal account. According to their website, FreeEats has paid over two million payments to their faithful followers.


Personal Experience: I have been working with FreeEats for the past two years and can attest that they are a legitimate and outstanding company. They have always paid promptly, usually within a week of completing an assignment and it’s a fun way to make a few dollars every now and then. Currently, I receive one to two text message opportunities a week. It’s not a lot, but the money does add up over the long run and it’s quick and easy to do.


Conclusion: I would highly recommend signing up with FreeEats just because of the ease and convenience of making a little bit of cash. Members don’t have to leave home, burn gasoline, or waste their personal time to complete assignments. This can be done anywhere in the world so why not kick back, click on some ads, and make some extra money.



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  1. Kathy says:

    On the Free Eats, the site was reluctant to accepting my phone no. Because it is an Internet no I use to offset the cost of my prepaid phone. All of the email links I tried to email the company to sign up with them came back to me, and did not go through.