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Full-Time Mystery Shoppers Needed – Cell Phone Provided

According to ZipRecruiter, the average full-time mystery shopper earns $44,146 per year in the United States. On the low end, this report states shoppers begin at $11,500 all the way up to $121,500 at the profession’s peak. That’s a lot of money and a hefty income for working as a secret shopper. ZipRecruiter states, “This moderate spread of $110,000 indicates Mystery Shopper Full Time salaries are seeing general stability across the country.”


The Mystery Shop Forum has a recent job posting for a full-time mystery shopper in the great state of California. The post states that it is a large assignment that requires shoppers to be available five days a week, Monday through Friday beginning from 9 am to 6 pm. This position will run for the next several months so if you are looking for long-term work, this would be a great opportunity to pursue.


According to the post it states, “You will be auditing a few thousand stores in your area utilizing a cell phone we provide for you. The audits only take a couple of minutes in each store and do not require any interactions with employees. This is a very exciting program with a lot of opportunity! If you live in one of the larger metro areas, then no worries there is plenty of work and you do not have to fly/travel as far away. So, we need homebodies and travelers alike!”


One of the perks of this job is that you will be able to mystery shop and complete this job at the same time. If this position is of interest to you, click here to learn more about this full-time auditing opportunity.



Your Comments:

  1. Cote Lind says:


    I’d absolutely love to know when you have full time positions in Illinois.

    With much appreciation,

    708 601-3026

  2. Amanda says:

    $44,000? LOL. Lies

  3. Barb Allen says:

    Im wondering if anyone has done work for Midwestern Merchandising?

  4. Rick Grossman says:

    It seems the average job take 3-4 hours, finding it, waiting to hear, downloading/reading instructions, traveling, doing it, writing it up, responding to questions. If you work 12 hours a day, 7 day a week, that would be about 1000 jobs/year. I guess the average job pay $44.

    But if you got two each day and worked 6 days/week, you’d get 600 jobs. According to them, the average job pay $73.

    Interesting math. Anyone get an average of $40 or $73?

    • J green says:

      Ok. Let’s set the story straight
      I did this for two years
      A lot of hours and a lot of driving
      5 days a week several a day
      10000. The bulk— 90 percent. —-pay under
      25 dolllars. Period. The numbers they’re generating
      In the article would have to be people who are
      Living either in a center of a very large city or have a
      Connection inside who is tossing them all of the
      High paying shops. I do t live in the middle of nowhere —
      An hour out of Philadelphia. I tried to Generate
      As much as I could , at 15 -20 a shop most of the time,
      It would have taken 5 of to reach these numbers
      Do not believe everything you read. This is NOT possible
      The kind of money they’re quoting. Not at the
      Payout 99 percent of the shops pay. Forget it
      Just get a job

    • Rick Grossman says:

      @jgreen, perhaps you misread me. We agree completely. And since my original comments, I’ve seen fees drop by 1/3.

      Where outside Philly? I grew up in Wyncote.

      And now we’ve got spammers here, too.

  5. lee says:

    Are there any opportunities in Asia.. Singapore?

  6. s.lynn says:

    Maybe that one high income spot in California. But in one of the highest cost states in America, which is CT, the fees paid are only $10 or $12. Sometime even $7. Hardly worth the drive, lets be honest. It doesn’t even cover the wear and tear on your car.

  7. Edith says:

    It can be done. Route shopping, car dealerships, senior living shops, video, new homes, etc. The shops are there – in the Chicago area for sure. Many of those shops pay $50+ each.

    • Rick Grossman says:

      Yes, there are shops pahing $50….even some that pay more. How many are available? How long does it take to do these? I’ve gotten a few that pay more when the company has had its back to the wall. I’ve seen one or two per month and have even gotten them.

      If you can do four of these shops five days a week, you could get $50k/year. But as these shops tend to be snapped up in a minute and the agencies don’t need to pay that much, it’s a nice fantasy.

    • Jgreen says:

      DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BELIEVE FOR ONE MOMENT THAT IT IS REMOTELY POSSIBLE TO GENERATE OVER 15000 DOLLARS A YEAR AS A MYSTERY SHOPPER. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. EVEN IN YOUR WILDEST IMAGININGS. 90 percent of shoppers in this country FOR 90 percent of the shopping visits do not pay over 20 dollars. If the payout is more it is for food reimbursement or will require numerous visits, extensive on line testing and a tremendous amount of follow up work. IF YOU BREAK THE AMOUNT OF TIME SOENT I. PAPERWORK PRE TESTING AND DRIVING COSTS YOU ARE ONKY MAKING 3 dollars an hour. DONT BE FOOLED. IT IS NOT VAGUELY POSSIBKE TO MAKE ANY REAL AMOUNT OF MONEY. AND AS THE ECONOMY HAS IMPROVED THERE HAVE BEEN MORE PEOPLE AVAILABLE THEREBY
      PAY TO SHOPPERS HAVE BEEN REDUCED. AND KEEP IN MIND—-there are times even an articulate person WILL NOT GET REIMBURSED FOR THE EFFORT INVOLVED. BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WHO REVIEW YOU SUBMISSION GETS REJECTED DUE TO SPELLING ERRORS AND ANDWERS THAT ARE NIT PERCEIVED AS ADEQUATE. IF THEY PERCEIVE THE SUBMISSION ON YOUR PART WAS NOT EXTENSIBE ENOUGH THEY WILL REJECT YOUR INFORMATION. FORGET IT. ITS A RACKET. The money made is primarily received by the site. They aren’t interested in sharing it with you. Just get a job in a regular retail setting. Don’t participate in this. It’s a Money maker for the sites. They are not set up to make certain you’re the satisfied part of their business plan. They set up their operation to make a quick buck, not to offer a viable employment option for the working public. Stay away. It does not generate anything for you. It is not in their business plan

    • Nancy says:

      You can make more money on some jobs but I find that I stick with the same company for the most part because I don’t want to have to be reading all the instructions and directions to just go out and do one job or two. I tried to take on two new casino jobs and they paid $60 a piece but when I got done realizing the risk that I was going to take and possibility of losing a portion of the money that I put out or that I would earn if I screwed something up I decided to just go ahead and cancel it. It would be easier for me to take 10 or 15 jobs in a day and make a full day out of it and have like a 200 to $300 day and then just finish out the work at home with the uploads and debriefs

    • Jo says:


  8. Raymond Maxwell Guy says:

    Are there full time cell phone or any other positions that may be available in Newfoundland especially in St. John’s, NL areas?
    Thank you!

  9. Eleanor Grande says:

    Sounds like a real professional position—decent pay
    and tools provided.
    Anything in the Columbus, Ohio area??

    • Rick Grossman says:

      Call me skeptical, but “Bait n Switch” is more likely. Has anyone tried following up on this “job”?

  10. rick grossman says:

    So going to Zip Recruiter’s website, they have dozens and dozens of articles telling you how much you can make as a Mystery Shopper. Searching comes up with over 13,.000 listings, but only a few real listings and they are $10-$17/hour if they are real.

    Going to the Bureau of Labor Statistics or Onesource, which pull directly from anyone getting a W-2, they don’t even list the job.

    Zip Recruiter gets money from those paying it to list jobs. They can only do this by having lots of people sign up. They can show hundreds of thousands of people looking for work by telling anyone can make lots of money.

    Looking at their Work from home, they claim the average salary is $55k with salaries up to $168k.

    I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt. Perhaps they have found jobs that are VPs of Marketing that include being responsible for the Mystery Shopping Program and that one job was enough to skew the average, but since the Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t even lst the job title, but includes it in 41-9099 Sales and Related Workers, All Other as having an average of about $19/hour.

    From what I’ve seen the industry works with contractors so they don’t need to hire full time or pay benefits. That’s fine. But if you’re on the clock, you are paid for all the time including training and travel. Most jobs take 3 hours. There are very few paying $60 for a shop.

    This ranks up there with “Make big money at home by stuffing envelopes.”

    • Kelley R says:

      Well I know that it is possible to get assignments or shops that pay $100/each because I’ve gotten not one but two! It so happened that the company was on a deadline and it was a little bit out of my area but the two shops were close to each other (within a 20 miles from each other). But I had to build up a relationship and had experience doing shops of that nature prior to getting that last minute shop. I was on a short list of people in the area that got the email. I had more questions about it and spoke to the contact on the phone and accepted both. You have to be near an area when needed and then be free to work ASAP.

    • Rick Grossman says:

      Of course. One or two jobs are available at the end of the month. It’s great to get then. My point was that to reach the salary listed, you would have to be guaranteed 2-3 of these each day, five days a week, 50 weeks a year.

      Agencies only pay this when they are on deadline and cannot find anyone. Other than the last few days of the month, there are no jobs at that rate unless it is highly complex, and then, one couldn’t do two of them a day.

      It is good advice about building the relationship, but shows that the better jobs are few and far between.

  11. carlene B denmark says:

    ant positions in Pinellas or Hillsboro county in Florida

    • Rick Grossman says:

      I find it easier to believe in the tooth fairy than ziprecruiter’s claim that there are f/t jobs for shoppers or you can make up to $111/year

      Look for one of those jobs on their site. Why would any agency pay that much. Other than MAYBE once a month, and when an agency is desperate when have you seen a job for $100? And if so, could you get two of them five days a week, every week? That would pay about $50k

      When there are 10,000 shoppers willing to take $5 and $10 for a job that takes 4-5 hours including training, reading, filling out reports, doing the shop and transportation, what would cause someone to pay 20 times as much. Maybe if the person had some unique skills and could do biochemical tests, or the person shopping needed to be 7 feet tall.

      The old warning–if it sounds too good to be true, it is.,

  12. Alice Figueroa says:

    I detect quite a bit of sarcasm in these replies. Is it true or not!!!

    • Jo says:

      It is not sarcasm. It is fact. I did this actively for several years I did several jobs a day in many weeks. You simply can’t generate the kind of money these sites indicate. Not when you deal with gas costs and the time taken to pretest .and go in to fill out the forms and deal with follow up questions regarding your submission. It is ridiculous and frankly criminal to lead people down a rosy path about making 15-20000 dollars a year
      Not identifying the reality that the bulk of the shops pay 12-15 per visit
      The misleading on line information needs to be put out there on a loud speaker. Don’t fall prey to the manipulation. I did this full time for two years

  13. Alice Figueroa says:

    I detect quite a bit of sarcasm in these replies.

  14. Alice Figueroa says:

    I detect quite a bit of sarcasm.

  15. Alice Figueroa says:

    I a bit of sarcasm.

    • Rick Grossman says:

      more than just a bit of sarcasm

      my choices were to state it was a pack of lies, or to say they must have moved a decimal point two places, or act innocently surprised that companies were paying people 20times what they normally did, or I could be sarcastic.

      It’s not true.
      It’s an impossibility.
      It’s illogical
      It defies common sense.

      And if there were companies paying 110k for mystery shopping then it means the rest of us are saps.

      Zip Recruiter does what many Personnel agencies do–fake jobs, at fake incomes. Then they’ve got liots of resumes.,

  16. Jerry Cantu says:

    They named a movie after this article it is called
    “La La Land”

  17. Jo Ann green says:

    Anything in suburban Philadelphia, lancasterpa,reading pa

    • Rick Grossman says:

      The author of the article is not the keeper of jobs but wrote about someone else’s article. There are jobs everywhere, but most pay under $30. Logging on, searching, applying, certifying, printing out papers, reviewing, travel time, shop time, report writing time, takes an average of 3-5 hours. Then, you often have to follow up to get paid. Select carefully.

  18. Nancy says:

    There are lots of potential jobs with a number of companies in my area, however, I stick mostly with one…I find I can make more just doing a route & kill myself one day & follow up with report the next…Too much time spent studying new jobs and chasing after car dealership jobs & follow-UPS….I literally hate all of that…Rather have my freedom and sanity….

    • Rick Grossman says:

      I will have to take your word on the sanity part. I don’t think I would be able to recognize it. 😉

  19. Martha Bakeman says:

    I’m interested to hear more

  20. Nathan McGibboney says:

    Please let me know when more positions open up in Northeast Dallas Metroplex Area. I would really like a full time Mystery Shopper Position here. Lots of companies have very poor customers service and extremely sarcastic or very unprofessional employees.

    • Rick Grossman says:


      Take a minute and look at the site. This is an online magazine. One article quoted another article. The magazine and articles are about an industry made up of many businesses. The messages here are between those who read the magazine.

      The other readers don’t have jobs to give you. The magazine does not have jobs to give you.

      If you want a job, you need to go to the mystery shopping companies. But be aware that the numbers quoted here are in no way supported by the experiences of those doing that and are wildly inflated. Are there jobs, yes. Scan the listings and you might find jobs averaging $5-$30 that can take multiple hours, not including testing and signing up. Look at the message boards and you will find vast numbers of complaints about shoppers who cannot be paid–even those.

      There are fun shopping jobs, and great companies. There are some assignments that routinely pay $40-70, but you will compete with every other shopper for them. These are all contract positions and you have to apply for single jobs that may pay $4.

      This isn’t something to consider if money is a big concern. i like to think of it a fun hobby where you can make a few bucks.

      Read the magazine. Read the message boards. Sign up for one of the systems tha consolodates and shows the jobs by many agencies. Decide if you might want to take those jobs, and if so, sign jp with that agency and tke the training. That job will be gone but find one job from that company. Apply for it. You may have to choose a less attractive job. Take the job. After this, you can decide to continue. If you like everything but the pay, look for higher paying jobs. Typically the more they pay, the more complicated the role.

      I think that’s a good way for anyone to begin and decide whether or not this is something worthwhile.

  21. Debbie says:

    This is click bait…P.T. Barnum said it best…,”There”s a sucker born every day !”

  22. Debbie says:

    Once in a while at the end of a month, maybe 3 to 5 in a year. Yep…a hubdted bucks. I even got 120 once but i had to pay 68.00 for a 5 hour roubd trip ferry and 12.00 parking at the dock and over twenty for cab and tip….soooo then lets not even talk about the three hours of writing for the EXTENSIVE full narratice to be written. Whichbi did on the ferry ride home kostly but still….it wasnt a fill in the blanks shop. I woukd be truly happy if i coukd make 1 000 per month to oay for the nedicine i hadcto stoo taking 3 years ago….

  23. Proshopper101 says:

    There are many reasons that shoppers are not offered better paying shops. The fact that this shopper thought that submitting something written like this was acceptable under any circumstances is one of the biggest reasons.
    This is from a posting on this page, from November 3rd, 2018:
    Whichbi did on the ferry ride home kostly but still….it wasnt a fill in the blanks shop. I woukd be truly happy if i coukd make 1 000 per month to oay for the nedicine i hadcto stoo taking 3 years ago….

  24. 3470PJlyAL says:

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  25. CBD says:

    835606 757608Youd outstanding guidelines there. I did a search about the field and identified that quite likely the majority will agree along with your internet page. 360191

    • Rick Grossman says:

      Can you share with us some of this information? I’d love to see a source that supports this. This page makes a claim with one source, yet that source makes a claim with absolutely no evidence.

      There are a few random claims of people making a lot of money, but much like urban legends, they are always 3rd hand. Actual information from tax and income records don’t support this.

      3rd hand claims are not evidence. In the past year, I’ve seen payments in the industry to drop as much as 50%. This article is like the early ones about Uber drivers claiming incredible earnings.

      For the “average” figure of $44k, one would need to find 40 jobs a week paying $21 each. Most jobs will take 3 if not more hours, considering transportation, finding the job, doing it and writing up. How many jobs do you see that pay $63?

      There are lots of companies in many industries telling people they can be rich working for them. I don’t see the MSCs making these claims publically.

      There are many reasons for people to become mystery shoppers but it is difficult to make the claim that it provides an income that supports an individual, let alone a family.

      The work can be fun and rewarding. It can expose you to different experiences and help improve customer service. You can get some nice perks. But this ranks up there with the “Make 100k a year stuffing envelopes at home, part-time” ads in the back of magazines.

      If you have information that would let others know there ARE ways to do this, I’m sure everyone would be glad to see this.

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    • Rick Grossman says:

      I believe several of the past comments are by web-bots–computer generated comments. I hope someone is removing these sort of automated comments. These are the ones beginning and ending with numbers.

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    • Jo says:

      Don’t believe this article/post about possible income doing these shops. It would be physically impossible. As over 90 percent pay under 15 dollars
      The most you’ll make in a year, if you’re close to a big city with access to many shops,would possibly be a few thousand. Do the math. 15 times 2 or 2 a day. That’s 20 a day average as payouts are not often 15. It’s impossible as there aren’t enough out there to secure 3 a day. I did a lot for several months. A LOT. Never would have even made 3000 for the year. The number of jobs, the time needed to take online testing required, the time required to submit the shop I averaged 60 a week and spent half f it in gas. S forget it. Just get a job. You’ll be better off

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  33. Rick Grossman says:

    Does anyone pay attention to whom or what is written here? We have people spamming this service advertising illegal drugs here. ?There is no way to reach anyone to remove them.

    Hello? Is this entire website bogus?

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