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Get Paid $30 for an Airport Mystery Shop

Whether you are someone who flies domestically or internationally, traveling by airplane has become an average, every day, and regular part of our lives. With the increasing number of discount airlines popping up across the country, travelers are able to fly easily to another city and enjoy an extra long weekend every now and then. If you are a mystery shopper that plans on flying sometime in the near future, perhaps you should check out conducting a short airport shopping assignment. If you have an upcoming layover and find yourself in need of killing some time, this would be the perfect opportunity to earn a nice $30 while you’re waiting for the next flight.


According to a post published on Mystery Shop Forum, there is a company looking for “shoppers, airport workers, and those who travel for business or pleasure.” The assignment involves communicating with an airport kiosk employee and later completing a fast and easy questionnaire. The timeframe for completing this mystery shop must be done between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Some of the airports where these opportunities are available are listed as follows:


Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, Kansas City International Airport, Chicago Midway International Airport, San Jose International Airport, Hollywood Burbank Airport, Sacramento International Airport, and Dallas Love Field Airport. If this assignment does not apply to you, perhaps you know someone else who may like to take advantage of this airport mystery shopping job. If so, click here to find out more about this opportunity.



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