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Get Paid $30 for This Super Easy Mystery Shop

The housing market across the United States did behave as planned according to some industry experts last year. In fact, everything they thought would happen, didn’t. According to Forbes, Skyler Olsen, who serves as the senior economist at Zillow stated, “We thought there would be some things to take the pressure off.” She goes on to say that they thought interest rates would increase and home prices would level off. “That did not happen at any impactful level,” Olsen stated.


As we all know, the housing market cannot be any hotter than it is now – prices are going up, new home construction is rising, and mortgage rates have barely moved. Apparently, it appears that now is a great time to sell a home and make a nice profit to boot. Experts now believe that home values will continue to grow and that mortgage rates will remain about where they are right now.


An interesting statement Forbes made was, “The generation of adults born after 1980 were slow to enter the housing market, but as a growing share of them get married and have kids they are buying homes at rates equal to their parents. In fact, single millennials are more likely to own a home than prior generations of singles.”


The Mystery Shop Forum has a posting with a simple, new home mystery shop that is currently available in multiple states. Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, and California all offer this mystery shopping assignment in multiple cities. According to the post, “Tour the model homes, evaluate the Sales Counselor. The report is easy to complete, yes/no questions with a few commentary sections. Shopper Pay NOW $30.” Click here to learn more.

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  1. Lauraine Leach says:

    Can I be a mystery shopper and live in Canada.

    • Sandy says:

      Sure Lauraine. There seem to be quite a few Canadian shoppers on the Mystery Shop Forum. If/shen you are signed up with the forum itself you can search for the word Canada in posts. I would recommend not using your real entire name for the site. I live in the US but evidently there are many shops in Canada.

    • Dave says:

      One Stop Shoppers, Shoppers Confidential, Premier Service,others. Go to msjobboard.com, sign up, click My Linked Sites and you’ll find several more.

      Good luck.

  2. Larry Bundy says:

    I need some liget merchandise jobs.

  3. Debra Portnoy says:

    This is a great paying shop. More like this please.

  4. Sandra J Sheppard says:

    I do apartment and senior housing shops.
    I worked with assisted living for 15 plus years in sales and marketing.
    Do you think that jobs will become available in the Philadelphia area? I can do Bucks and Montgomery counties.

  5. Mary Ann Simard says:

    Mystery shopping for about 15 years. We live in a small town of Klamath Falls, Or. Surprising how many shop I have received and been paid for in Klamath. Would Like to shop for you too.

  6. CAROLYN HAYES says:


  7. Claudia says: