Cheryl Darcel

Get Paid to Test Drive Cars

Shoppers, this is a great opportunity to test drive cars and get paid at a dealership.

I love these shops. These shops allow you to test drive and check out the latest automobiles at a variety of dealerships. I live in the Houston area and there are tons of dealerships. I have done these shops for over two years and they are fun and informative. These shops will give you leverage if you are in the market to buy a car for yourself.

The top mystery shopper company in my opinion is Best Mark. Best Mark runs an auto shopping program that is vast. The company pays biweekly and the car shops pay about $14 per assignment. Best Mark is a super company. The company has great reviews and pay their mystery shoppers biweekly. During the Christmas holidays they pay their shoppers weekly. It is a mystery shopping company that specializes in superior and high quality shopping opportunities. They also offer a dynamic auto dealership program that pays quite well. Best Mark is an outstanding company that offers over 30 years of experience

Best Mark offers auto dealer shops that require you to pose as an auto buyer. It is a fun and exciting experience. These types of shops actually educate you to be an informed buyer for yourself.    

See Level is another outstanding company that offers high end auto shopping assignments. See Level offers high end automobile assignments that have proven to provide superior performance. See Level offer assignments that include going to a dealership and test driving an automobile. Their assignments deal with luxury autos. Both of these shops require strict guidelines.

Automotive Insights, LLC is a global company. This company is a provider of brand name companies that are known to all. The company uses mystery shoppers to visit and observe dealerships along with observation of customer service. You also test drive cars that you are specifically assigned to you. You must own a car.  You will need to pretend that you will use the car as a trade in. These shops are informative and detailed. The time required is about 30-45 minutes and the survey form is easy to fill out. These shops require a story that is usually an easy back story that you can create. You are given a scenario and it is easy to make it sound real if you plan.

Check these companies out on ther website, sign up and get started with these well- paying mystery shops.

Your Comments:

  1. Robert Jennings says:

    Ready for some work

  2. Gary Whitaker says:

    When you click on the Mystery Shopping tab at Automotive Insights, LLC, it goes nowhere (times out). Should one click on the help link at that website to find out what the problem is? Thanks.

    Gary Whitaker

  3. Joyce FUSCO says:

    interested in doing the Mystery Shopper sounds very rewarding.

  4. Robert Duran says:

    Tell me more I need extra $$$$.

  5. sandie says:

    how do i connect to find out what areas are looking for a mystery shopper in this car dealer ship companys? cant connect.

  6. Lisa A Misterek says:

    One time, a new car shop had been on the board for so long, I got paid $250 to test drive and custom-design my own Porsche! Best. Job. Ever!

  7. Annu says:

    Do you need to dress a certain way to conduct a high end auto shop?


    how much we get paid for event?

  9. Jolene Helt says:

    I have been doing mystery shops at all types of places but never the car dealership. I think this would be good for me. I am a good driver with no accident or ticket record

  10. Craig Morgan says:

    Sea level is not a company to work with they do not return repeated phone calls and voicemails and emails. You can never get a live person and you always have to leave a voicemail without getting any responses. They are not a company to go with or do work for.

    • Cheryl Darcel says:

      Craig, sorry you are having trouble with See Level. I have never had any problems with them.