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How to Become an Automotive Mystery Shopper

One of my favorite mystery shopping assignments are at name brand car dealerships. One company in particular has quite a few brand-name auto dealership assignments from one of the largest car companies in North America. That company is Bestmark. I’ve personally conducted several of these mystery shopping assignments and have enjoyed them very much.


Bestmark regularly offers a single automobile service to have performed on your car. In fact, they are very lenient with the brand of car you can take in to get worked on. Bestmark accepts a variety of car models for this program. The only other prerequisite is that the car or truck must be of a certain age (usually 2002 or newer).


All in all, Bestmark does a really good job of working with their mystery shoppers, especially if your vehicle needs a combo service (oil change and tire rotation for example). Also, if you don’t own a Chevrolet, not a problem! If a friend or family member has one, you can borrow it and still make money for taking the shop. Just tell them that you have a hook up on free oil changes, I’m sure they won’t mind.


A typical payment for a single service is a reimbursement up to $45 plus a payment of $20 on top of that. So, if you decide to get an oil change, it should cost around $35. At the end of the day, you should be able to walk away with a profit of $30, plus you received a free oil change. Not a bad deal for a service you’re going to get anyways. In theory, mystery shoppers can get years of free oil changes just by signing up for these kinds of shops. To join this company, click here.



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    Bestmark beats you up with all of the narratives on the automotive shop.