Aaron Murdoch

How To Earn Half a Million Dollars Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping has given the average American family the ability to become wealthy. Some of you might say, “yeah right” to this bold statement but before you begin posting comments that you would never have the nerve to say face to face, please hear me out before deciding on burning me at the stake.


Let’s say that all you have is a whopping $35 that you earned one-week mystery shopping. What if you continued to add your monthly mystery shopping earnings and invest it into a good growth stock mutual fund with an average compounded rate of return of around 8 percent? If a mystery shopper continuously added $250 a month for 35 years, that person would end up with $539,605.65 – that’s well over half a million dollars.


For some mystery shoppers, $250 a month may be a bit unrealistic so let’s dial it down a little. If a mystery shopper earns $150 a month which works out to be only $37.50 a week, that person would still end up making $323,970.76 using the example listed above. Keep in mind that these examples are completely doable, it’s just that most people are not financially disciplined to see it through to the end.


So, what kind of a mystery shopper do you want to be, a rich and disciplined money saver, or someone who spends their hard earned cash faster than they make it? Mystery shopping is the perfect part-time job because it gives people an opportunity to make extra money when and where they want. Why not use our extra cash wisely and save for our futures today!

Your Comments:

  1. Ty says:

    What good stocks are there to trust? I’m not familiar with stocks too much at all.

    • Merci says:

      You can put some money into an IRA!

    • Jackie Malmberg says:

      You could do some investment shops or banking shops. Your bank may offer financial planning to its clientele.. give ’em a call.

    • Stacie Miller says:

      Boeing Coke google Chevron Walmart big corporations that aren’t going anywhere invest in multiple markets. My Boeing stock gave me a 68% return this last year. If my money sat in a savings account my interest is like 8 – 12%. Investing in stock is a gamble but for me it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Try Robinhood or stash apps to get started.

    • George L Waring says:

      Stock symbol “O”, its been paying monthly dividends since the 1960s.

    • Tamera says:

      Mutual funds do notmput your gfsnjnnine basket

  2. Sharon Quintana says:

    Best to put your money in real estate, safer and most always pays off. I have sold my first piece of land, paid $40,000 for ten acres, sold for $57,700. (I was 20 -that was 40 yrs. ago) Scrapped together and added to the profit. Bought 20 acres for $21,000, sold it for $189,000 a yr. later, bought 40 acres, $100,000 sold it for $550,000 20 years later. All the while living rent free and enjoying my land. Reach out and buy anything, even an acre in a good area will increase in value-they do not make land anymore. Safer than stocks and I have bought them also, just takes to long to reap a good benefit.

  3. Denise A Derringer says:

    I would suggest connecting with a reputable Financial Adviser (Mine is with Ameriprise Financial Services).

  4. Judy says:

    Very good article. Wise advice. Thank you.

  5. Mario Verde says:

    If one could believe this, I have a bridge for sale. It connects Brooklyn to Manhattan.

  6. Mary Ellen says:

    I have been Mystery Shopping for 1-2 years now. The only real Bummer is that they mostly make you take back the item you just bought like 2 hours later. I like doing the Restaurant Shops I have an AAS in Hotel & Restaurant Management and I am NJ Restaurant Managers Food Saftey Certified for 4 more years until 2/14/2020. I think I will try an oil change shop next. I am also trying my first blood workshop soon. I have deep veins. I will not due gas stations to much work for me. Investments shops and bank shops are not my things bad at math. I do save all my info for paying taxes last years was $50 I made. I have a real job but it is a variable income job so I need almost every day but Wednesday off. I enjoy both jobs. I only did not get paid 3 times. One was even though had 50 pictures of Pizzas none worked. 1 time I forgot to ask the car prices on the phone call. The 3rd I asked too much info for the Doctors I wanted to call on a phone call shop. So do your best but sometimes the work just is not good enough and you wasted ink and paper from your printer and your valuable time to try to get it correct. Sometimes they give you 2nd try so you can get paid! I do enjoy this very much! Just only do the shops you love and make sure unless you get sick or a death in the family they will release from your contract or get scheduled at a later date. Otherwise, your score goes down and harder to get jobs at that company. I have 5 I like now near me might find more Real Companies very soon. Google in Real Mystery Shopping Companies and they pay you, you never pay them! You are an Independent Contractor so see if they paid you the following month by Pay Pal or in your Checking account or they mailed you a Check. Keep all the shops you do info for 1 year. They say 6 months But just in case! Good Luck!

  7. Lisa Wert says:

    I want to become a mystery shopper

    • Mary Ellen says:

      I just refuse to work for the companies that want you to buy video cameras and record the shop. I think that is going too far. They even have an Amusement Park and skating center mystery shopping only my kids are 19 & 23 to old and I have vertigo but for some, this would be perfect. Some are only for certain USA states. It is fun but it is work. Just make sure you read the guidelines before you except a shop to see if the money they are offering you is worth it. Good Luck!

    • Mary Ellen says:

      The money you earn might add up to a lot, a little probably a middle amount. Nothing is ever get rich quick. But $5, $25, $15 a week adds up. The author might be able to hit high numbers. Just do what you want. I like certain Companies more than others! I have fun get free food( almost just 2 hours worth of work). I enjoy it. But, instead of getting more back at Tax time you might owe the IRS money if you do this too much. You might want to put the money you know you will owe in a savings account and never touch it ti pay the IRS!

    • Jackie Malmberg says:


      Go to the site titled- Mystery Shoppers Providers/Members-
      These companies are all reputable.

      Or you can go to Jobslinger.com and join there, but to join this there is a fee-$6 per month. You can link all your accounts here, it lists your upcoming shops and records your completed shops.. worth the money. It also lists all the reputable companies and lets you sign up with them there. You can apply at the different companies from this site, where it displays what is available. Highly recommend.

  8. Mary Ellen says:

    I have so many shops the week of 4/9-4/13/2018, I have to write it on a calendar. I will soon set up a savings account may be a Capital one 360 account hard to get the money right away so I will only use for taxes and real emergencies. I forgot to say. That with mystery shopping sometimes you need your own money for a food shop restaurants/ grocery stores. They sometimes only reimburse you and no pay. Sometimes it is reimbursement up to say $40 (example) and $8 pay for it. Always keep receipts! So when you start if broke you need to budget all mystery shopping into your weekly budgets. The pay is always the next month. Different companies pay differently. Paypal, checking account, check in the mail. I am having a blast and I am a very detailed person. This is helping me so much! Good Luck Everybody! I am enjoying different assignments and will wonder if they have any should I ever take a funeral home at all? I cry and have such mercies and love of people I might cry too much and not be able to answer the shops’ questions?

  9. lynwood gordon says:

    im very interested in working in your company

  10. lynwood gordon says:

    im very interested in working for your company