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How to Get Paid to Go to the Bank as a Mystery Shopper

With over 86,000 bank branches in the US, according to Bank Branch Locator and over 21,000 credit union branches in the US, according to Monitor Bank Rates, the odds of finding an in-person or phone banking mystery shop are definitely in your favor.

When I relished visiting new cities, I would schedule 4 or more in person bank shops with dining shops and tourist attractions for a whole days-worth of adventure.

Generally bank shops will consist of a new customer experience, a credit or loan experience or a targeted shop by a company.

I have found MaritzCX with many in-person shops, Person to Person Quality with numerous phone shops and Informa Research Services with specific loan or finance shops (I have not conducted their credit score specific shops).


Phone shops can be easily done from your home as long as you have a quiet environment (no background noise) and preferably unlimited long distance. Keep in mind, your accent will define where you can shop and realistically appear native to that area.

Personally I create a phone worksheet with my revealed and non-revealed data,numbers to call and my persona (the character I am for the call). Some companies record calls, so be aware of this and utilize the feature if available. Be aware many companies want to know how many rings it takes the call to be answered and recorded calls rarely document this information.

Banking phone shops are all about your voice, listening, and attitude (smile when you speak) during the call. Unlike in-person shops which are all about your appearance, personality, and how genuinely interested you are in the person talking.

For in-person bank shops prepare your wardrobe as if you were to become the persona you are representing. Being cleanly shaven, hair cut or styled properly, and wearing business casual attire is half the battle. Keep two retractable ballpoint pens and folded paper in your pocket ready to record your findings in a discrete location far away from the banking embellishment shopped.

As with all mystery shops, Do Not bring anyone with you to conduct the shop unless specifically asked to do so by the company. Please read the guidelines and know when you can leave if not waited on by the banking staff.

Money Saving Tip $

Buy a printer with dual side printing and the ability to use recycled paper, it will save you hundreds of dollars over time. Also, most mystery jobs do not require color printing, so black and white laser all-in-one printers make a great choice to scan your receipts and print your guidelines. AMAZON LASER PRINTERS

If you are able to do so, fill in as much of the survey as possible before the shop. This will ensure you know the answers required and in what order they happen during the visit.

Many mystery shops are the same at different branches. Utilize your Mystery Shop Master files so you do not have to rethink/rewrite the narrative with each visit.

Finally Do Not create attention to yourself during any kind of mystery shop. Expect the unexpected, and never put your life in danger for a mystery shop.

Companies are very understanding if locations are closed, employees walk-off the job or you get hung up on during your call. The guidelines will usually let you know what it acceptable and if not email the scheduler directly with any questions or abnormalities.

Finally banking shops are a great way to make extra cash when they are available because there is usually no cash required upfront to do them.

James Edward Montgomery is a professional mystery shopper and company brand ambassador. With over 30 years experience in both fields he writes from practical experience and hails from the SW Virginia area.

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  1. Carmen Sims-Johnson says:

    I am very interested in doing mystery shops for banks. I have done bank mystery shops in the past and I am v ery willing to do them again. Please contact me for jobssoon. Thank you. P.S. This is very fun and exciting.

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    I have done Bank shops in the past and would love to do them again. Please let me know there available.

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    This is a very good article about doing mystery shops for banks because this will encourage people to do mystery shops to earn extra money.

  4. Raymond Guy says:

    I have great interest in performing mystery shopping at various bank since I have experience in these types of shops
    Newfoundland and Labrador
    Please advise if such shops are available here in Newfoundland.

    • Posted By Jacob Jans, Editor says:


      I recommend signing up for the companies listed in this article. They may or may not have assignments in your area, but even if they don’t currently, they may in the future.

  5. Beverly Paulman says:

    I am interested in the bank mystery shops. I would like more information.

  6. Sarah Jayne says:

    This is the wrong advice-“Utilize your Mystery Shop Master files so you do not have to rethink/rewrite the narrative with each visit.”. You can NOT reuse a narrative from one shop to another. You can reuse the format but if you copy the narratives and use them twice you will be caught and you will not be paid or offered further shops.

    • James Edward Montgomery says:

      Yes,never copy a narrative from one shop to another, which was not stated in the article. Utilize the Master List Narrative so you will not have to start from scratch on a narrative. Thank you for clarifying this.

  7. Joyce Moore says:

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      I would love to get into bank shopping! The opportunity to visit banks and a variety of other businesses and talk to people to obtain the information I need for the job would be enjoyable and challenging.

      Thank you for responding to my correspondence.


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  13. Jack Paret says:

    I am interested and new,please send info. Thank you

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