Aaron Murdoch

How to Make $100 a Week on Your Commute Home From Work

It is possible to make an extra $100 a week on your commute home from work. By signing up for just one mystery shopping assignment a day, you can make an additional $20 a day, $100 a week, or $5,200 a year just by completing one quick shop either on your way to work, during your lunch break, or on the way home. It’s really that simple.


One of the best mystery shopping assignments to complete is at automobile dealerships. Why? Because as soon as you step foot on the car lot, you will be ‘helped’ by a salesperson instantly. If time is of the essence, car dealerships are great because you can begin the and end the assignment quickly. As soon as you get all of the necessary information, you say you need to pick-up your wife, husband, children, or any excuse you choose. The salesperson will hand you their business card before you leave because they’re hoping you’ll come back. The card will have all of the important information on it so you don’t have to even remember their name.


There are plenty of other kinds of mystery shopping opportunities to check out on the commute home such as electronic, furniture, and other retail stores. There are also banks, hotels, restaurants, and rental agencies that offer a lot of assignments to help keep your mystery shopping options open.


So, sign up for different mystery shopping companies to increase your choice of assignments throughout the work week. Here are 5 of the latest companies that you will want to check out.


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