Aaron Murdoch

How to Make an Extra $100 in Addition to Mystery Shopping

If there are extra ways of making money within the mystery shopping industry, I definitely want to hear about it. Afterall, this is something that we all do on a regular basis, why wouldn’t shoppers want to earn an extra $100 on top of their mystery shopping assignments? Every dollar counts, and if you are on a strict budget, this additional bonus can go a long way.


After perusing the Mystery Shopping Forum this afternoon, a title of a post stood out to me which read, “Need more than a few mystery shops?” which immediately sparked my interest. For those who have been in the mystery shopping business for a while know that it is good to be able to have options in addition to completing their usual assignments. Today, I will be discussing a post about auditing which this company is looking for people to perform who live in California, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.


This mystery shopping company is looking to recruit new auditors and no experience is necessary. According to the post it states, “During the audit, you will evaluate all aspects of merchandising, stock levels, planograms, safety and overall store environment.” Payments for these audits occur within two to three weeks of successful completion through PayPal, shoppers may do as many as you wish in various locations. Keep in mind, these audits are revealed so shoppers do not have to sneak around and pretend to be a customer – they know you will be there. For a complete list of all of the cities and states auditors are being recruited for, click here.

Your Comments:

  1. Marlene K Walters says:

    I wish you had opportunities in Indiana

  2. Laura says:

    Hi Aaron,
    I’m in Toronto, Canada.
    I have been a private investigator since 2002, and have been occasionally mystery shopping since 2003. In the two years, I have increased the amount of shopping that I perform. Actually, I attended the Shoppers Fest in Orlando, Florida and found it to be most valuable. If you network and share ideas, you can gain many good hints. (Even down to the fine details of what APPS that you use on your iPhone.
    I enjoy reading your thoughts and insights and hope that you find some Canadian companies.

  3. Phoebe ROOME says:

    I live in NY state. Do you have shops there? Phoebe