ICU Associates

Company Overview: ICU Associates is based in Milford, Massachusetts. Information about the history of this company on the internet is sparse. The earliest reference found was in 2003. In 2005 it was purchased by LP Innovations, Inc., a loss prevention company. Since then, ICU has operated as the mystery shopping division of LP Innovations.

ICU “provides flexible and dynamic mystery shopping programs that monitor the integrity of your associates and the quality of customer service provided.” It offers restaurant, age verification, and other retail shops in the each of the fifty United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

The website is located here.

PayPal is used to pay shoppers. There is no information on the website regarding a payment schedule. Shoppers state they pay on approximately the 10th to 20th day of the month following the shop. A W-9 form is required with an application. ICU is active on social media. They offer shops and discuss mystery shopping with shoppers on both Facebook and Twitter. ICU holds MSPA membership.

What others have to say: Mystery Shop Forum members generally like this company. Reports are considered easy. Numerous shoppers state this is a good company with which they have had no problems. However, in 2011 a shopper reported a payment issue that seems to have been resolved in time. Another shopper reported there was a payment ‘glitch’ about the same time. Since then there are no additional payment issues reported. Shoppers also reported they are able to contact this company from the phone number listed on the website. The BBB has no listing at all for this company.

Personal Experience:I was surprised to discover that I have not yet worked for this company. I have been signed up for several years and they have regular shops in my area. Furthermore I do check their job board fairly regularly. They have a reimbursement only shop, several retail shops, and some alcohol compliance shops in my area. I just haven’t taken any of them yet. But then, I’m too old for the alcohol compliance shop. But not too old to drink. 🙂

Overall: Forum members generally like this company. I am intrigued about getting feedback from shops from a Prophet based company. That is rare if not unique in the industry. The lack of a BBB listing seems likely a result of flying under their radar than a reason for concern. In addition, the payment problems seem to be behind them. I intend to make an effort to work for this company in the near future.

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  1. Cynthia J Koehler says:

    I need to know how to get my money from companies that refuse to pay me

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