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Make $15 at a Tire Inquiry Mystery Shop

According to the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association, “The U.S. tire manufacturing industry bolsters the U.S. economy with well-paying jobs and economic output that ripples across the economy and helps sustain communities.” Did you know that the tire manufacturing industry is responsible for producing $148.4 billion dollars and employs more than 737,000 workers across the United States? That’s a lot of money and even more jobs for the American people.


There is an appealing mystery shop showcased on the Mystery Shop Forum that is paying $15 to inquire about tires. The focus of this opportunity is to see if the tire salesperson engages with you about using their credit card or in-house financing to purchase a new set of tires. The post states that if the employee does not mention this payment option, the shopper will then ask about special credit or financing offers.


Shoppers are asked to call the tire shop before arriving due to some locations may vary in store hours of operation. Mystery shoppers will be given a scenario to follow which includes a price range that they are pretending to be interested in. Please note that mystery shoppers do not have to sign up for a credit card or special financing agreement. The article states, “You will NOT need to sign up for a credit card, nor will you need to make any purchase. You will bow out of the purchase before making it (we give you some tips on this in the shopper guidelines).” To find out more about this shop, click here for details.

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