Aaron Murdoch

Make a Quick $35 Mystery Shopping at Home

Most of us living in the United States have an excessive accumulation of “stuff” hiding in our basements, closets, spare bedrooms, garages and sheds that need a good spring cleaning. It is so easy to go by the motto “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to storing all of our belongings that we have been keeping around way too long.


If you are looking to dive in and tackle that long overdue task of going through all of that stuff that has been not paying rent for the past few years – perhaps now is a good time to do so. Our friends at the Mystery Shop Forum has a new posting this week for a super quick and easy in-home removal mystery shop.


This mystery shopping assignment consists of shoppers calling the removal company and set up an appointment to have these items removed from either inside or outside of your home. Simply get a receipt and take a picture of the items before and after the company hauls it away. Also, shoppers will receive a $10 bonus if they refer a shopper who successfully completes this job.


Some of the cities where this mystery shop is offered are in New Jersey South, NJ, Somerset, NJ, Long Island East, NY, Manhattan, NY and Philadelphia North, PA. If you are interested in this assignment and would like to see if you live in a zip code offering this shop, click here to find out more information.

Your Comments:

  1. james pantuliano says:

    would like to be a mystery shopper and start asap
    sign me up

  2. Michele says:

    Best companies I work for. Ellis or epms, athpower, automotive insites, Intellishop, customer service experts, sales Quaity group. If you go to Jobslinger and sign up I think they have the most comprehensive list of companies. Sign up ffor all of them. You will get emails stating the jobs available and then you have a choice to sign up for them. Always chuck with all the companies as even in the first couple of months if there are no jobs it’s possible the next couple of months they’ll have really good paying ones. As time goes on and you continue doing this you’ll find the best companies to work for. Such as let’s say a simple check inquiry shop. You have bare International that’ll pay you $10. Then you have athpower that will pay you an average of $15. And then you have sales Quality Group who will pay you 25 dollars and it’s all basically the same job. I found bare International to be lousy paying at all their jobs. Stick at it long enough you’ll definitely figure it out and you can make some decent money. Two weeks ago I made $750 in one week doing 7 apartment shops and for car sale shops. It’s the most I’ve ever made in one week but not bad for 2 days of hard work. Good luck and hopefully this helps. Please realize this is been my experience. Everyone is different as the companies in your area or different as well as how resourceful a person is.

    • jennifer k says:

      thanks for the info, ive been searching and searching for years and have been scammed in every possible way an all i want is some legit money making oppurtunnities .

  3. Tamera says:

    Love. To do scheduling , who is good???

  4. Tamera says:

    Love. To do scheduling , who is good??? Who do I run from?

  5. Tamera says:

    Love To do scheduling , who is good??? Who do I run from?

    • Barbara Peterson says:

      I just saw where A closer-look is looking for schedulers and editors. You have to do a shop for them first.

  6. Linda McElroy says:

    There are no assignments in my area right now keep me on the list