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Make Money as a Mystery Shopper in 2019

Let’s make some money in the New Year. First you need to sign up with new or new to you mystery shop companies. Mystery Shop Magazine has a long list of potential companies (Click Here), and I will provide links to companies in this article as well.

Programs, like Last Pass, a password manager help produce unique passwords for each site you become a member and stores them for you. Have your email address (unique to mystery shopping) at hand, Paypal or banking deposit information, and your social security number.

Because you are providing personal information, I garner as much security as possible with a 10 or 12 digit password. This is also why my Paypal account and mystery shopping accounts have a separate email address so I can track them. It is ideal for tax purposes as well.   

Keeping your profiles with each mystery shop company current assures you get more job opportunities, and quicker payments.

Some companies require a writing sample, and extended profiles with your demographic information. The writing sample should be current without including company names or employers. Restaurant mystery shops are generally the most descriptive.

It is in your best interest to be MSPA Certified. Companies will chose you over other shoppers and the process provides up to date information about the mystery shopping industry.

Mystery shop companies will require a face photo and/or Driver’s License scan be ready to furnish them. Make sure it is a face photo only. Do not include pets, family members or other aspects of your personal life. 

The process of filling out profiles for mystery shop companies can take hours, but it is well worth your time. Do it correctly and it will give you job opportunities and work for you throughout 2019.

Some companies and potential work…

Bare Associates International is offering many health and fitness visits for the New Year. Getting in shape and making money sounds awesome.

Ace Mystery Shopping has a new lounge specifically for mystery shoppers to discuss potential companies and experiences.

About Face offers jobs for pairs (older & younger) such as; movie and alcohol/cigarette shops.

EPMS has apartment and property mystery shops.

iMyst does franchise compliance and other physical audits.

Stericycle creates marketing solutions for companies and mystery feedback work.

Secret Shopper has a variety of work and gathers information for large businesses.

Scheduling Companies can be a valuable resource…

Coast to Coast Scheduling Services

KSS international

I have listed a few of the many companies available for work. Please let us know about other companies in your area.

Good Luck and Happy New Year.

Your Comments:

  1. Rick Grossman says:

    Hi James and others,

    I’ve been shopping for over a year and you may have some insights. First about password savers I use Dashlane and there are big problems managing the MSC id/passwords.
    1) one may have to log into different platforms for the same company.
    2) The domain name is for the platform, (example; it keeps one password for all the msc’s. That means most have to be reset/

    Any thoughts? I’ll ask the other in another question.

  2. Frederick Grossman says:

    Thanks again, James

    Since you were addressing money, is it my imagination, or have all jobs dropped $10-20? I’m finding it challenging to find the jobs that are worth it. The time for a job includes:

    1) Reading two dozen emails telling you of jobs halfway across the country, sent three times today with a list for all jobs, plus an email for each job. Even then, there’s not enough information to decide. 1 hour.
    2) Searching online, reading and selecting……1/2 hour
    3) (optional0 Signing up with agency, filing out questionnaires, uploading pictures, filling out documents for direct deposit (1 hour)
    4) Waiting to hear back (sometimes a day, but at least a 1/2 hr. If you aren’t at your computer this time to respond to the scheduler, you may miss the job.
    5) logging in, reading instructions, printing out materials, etc. 1/2 hour
    6) Certifying for job (only for some…. 1/2 hr)
    7) Transportation each way. 1 hour
    8) Doing the shop 1/2-1 hour
    9)Writing it up 1/2-1 hour.
    10) Follow up on corrections and making sure one is paid. 1/2 hour

    Individual lines above don’t always apply, but one still has to check multiple platforms, read the jobs, sign up, wait, do it and write it. The agencies tend to underestimate the time it takes to do the shops and don’t recognize that is the least time-consuming.

    And there are expenses including wear and tear on your car, gasoline ,etc.

    So i look at ANY shop as taking 3-4 hours of my time and money. I could spend that time at home and save $50-90 dollars that i’d pay a housekeeper for the same time.

    My ratings have been good. I did cancel a job that was offering me $5, which would have taken up to 2.5 hours in the store. There are things that make a job worth it at the low price–a meal, a gift, learning about something new, the ability to park for free, a night from home, etc. The most frequent perks are drinks and food. I’m not much of a drinker, and I often find that the instructions for bars and restaurants are very limited/specific, so the joy of reading the menu and selecting food that you love. One shop required I order nothing but a specific beverage of a particular size and no other items were allowed on the receipt.

    Last summer, I could barely keep up with the number of jobs that were fairly priced. Now, most shops will cost me money. Have prices gone down? Have they reached a level where the MSCs are going to have to pay more?

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