Measure Consumer Perspectives

Company Overview:   Based in Louisville, KY, Measure Consumer Perspectives is a full service mystery shopping company with clients in a wide variety of industries. They do both conventional and video mystery shops. The company is an accredited member of the Louisville, KY Better Business Bureau and carries an “A” rating with that organization.

They do have a scrolling list of clients on their homepage, however I have noticed that several of the clients are also shopped by other companies. This is not an unusual occurrence as some MSC’s do concentrate on specific areas of the country, or the client may have different companies shopping in different regions.

Registration is at http://www.measurecp.com/ and is fairly easy.

What Others Say: The reports on www.mysteryshopforum.com are generally positive about Measure Consumer Perspectives. The pay is generally in line with the work required. Most comments share positive things about this company. There was one negative, and it was also addressed on the BBB site. Someone using the Measure Consumer Perspectives name was engaging in the usual MSC scam of sending a large check, wanting the victim to deposit it and wire transfer the majority of the money to a third party. As experienced shoppers are aware, don’t fall victim to this kind of scam.

One of the key areas of praise for Measure Consumer Perspectives is when it comes to pay. Shoppers generally feel the rates are fair for the work required. The reports are generally concise. Some of them require narrative but usually it is not overwhelming in nature. There is very little redundancy in the reporting. A big plus for shoppers is that the payment arrives as advertised (or sometimes a day or two early).

Personal Experience: I’ve completed seven shops for Measure since I signed up with them in March of this year. I’ve done two conventional, two exit surveys, and three video shops. In all cases, I’ve found the shop guidelines to be clear and easy to follow. Some shops do have required material to read and an associated quiz before being eligible. I have not found any trick questions in the quizzes. As far as shops go, any questions I may have had were able to be promptly answered by the scheduler. I have also found the schedulers very easy to work with when it comes to asking for shops to help fill out a route. This can be a big advantage for the “Road Warriors” among the readers.

Categories of Shops: Measure Consumer Perspectives shops fast food, insurance, apartment, cell phone, credit reports, internet shops, and automobiles, among other categories.

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