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Mystery Shopping at Senior Community Centers (These Pay Well)

According to the American Senior Communities (ASC), assisted living communities help promote independence among residents. This offers a chance for those individuals to stay socially active. A senior citizen is generally 65 or older, but some communities recognize seniors as 55 and older. Approximately 47 million seniors in the US live in a senior community, according to I have done dozens and dozens of these types of shops and find they pay well.

Intellishop offers the best compensation for performing shops at their senior communities. Their compensation is anywhere from $65-$80. The amount  depends if the phone calls and visits are recorded or non recorded.  Intellishop is an excellent company that pays on the 20th of each month.

Primo Solutions is another excellent company. They pay weekly. This is very rare in the mystery shopping industry. They are skilled in assisted living and senior living communities. They use mystery shoppers to provide valuable feedback about customer service. They are the largest provider of mystery shops.

A Closer Look offers senior community opportunities. However, I have had difficulty signing up with this company. I have determined I may be in the wrong region. However, this company has good reviews and should be checked out.

Clients that look for researching these types of communities are looking for very specific details. They are interested in customer service and delivery of information. They want to know if their staff is friendly. They want to determine if the associate show a sign of urgency or react in a pushy fashion. They want to be sure the staff is providing detailed information on the application process, the amount of cost per month and what is included. The clients are also concerned about the meals, and the cleanliness of the facility. There are tons of details but, after doing a few of these assignments you will be more than capable of performing the shop successfully

Review detailed guidelines

When you are doing a senior community assignment for a company, be sure to read and re read the guidelines. The details are very detailed and specific and it is imperative that you follow the guidelines thoroughly. These shops pay well and you don’t want to forget any details. All aspects of the guidelines must be followed in order to receive the compensation.

Phone Calls

Non recorded phone calls do not offer a large compensation, but it is an easy, quick way to make money.

Recorded calls are usually done using a special number line set up by the company. The recorded calls pay a bit more. If you do not like doing recorded calls these calls are not for you.

On Site Visits

Some visits to senior communities do not require you to audio record the visit.

This is a simpler visit. This non recorded visits pay about $15-$20 less. They do not require as much time. The recorded on site visit pays much more. Some upward of $80. This type of visit requires more time. You must make sure your audio equipment is in place and that it stays there during the entire interaction. You will not get paid if the equipment has malfunctioned, if the voices are muffled or if the interaction was cut off at any point during the shop.

Be sure before you perform your shop you have a good back story. You will have to familiarize yourself with medications and symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Most shops will be independent or assisted living. If you perform a shop for more than one company that manages several properties you may have to use a different name. Your guidelines will inform you.

Once you perform a few of these shops you will become experienced with the procedure. You will be happy to perform them and you will be happy when your money is paid. These shops are worth looking into. You will gain valuable information and have fun on the tours as well. Happy shopping.

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  1. Patricia Milne says:

    Pls contact me for mystery shoppers thanks

  2. Rick says:

    Sounds good,& I’m detailed oriented -will look into it! Thanks!

  3. Irene says:

    I’m interested

  4. Michelle Jordan says:

    I’m interested

  5. Beth says:

    I have performed mystery shopping jobs in the past and I’m interested in this opportunity .Thanks so much

  6. Susan korzeniowski says:

    I’ve been looking into this type of work awhile now. Most are scams. Hopefully, this isn’t.

    • Toni Taylor says:

      Umm this is a real magazine if you do you homework, you’d know that. They do not print scams. Theses are real companies. I have experience with all 3 of them and doing the senior home undercover projects. During mine I wore a hidden camera to film the entire meeting and tour. Not all require that but picking up a $20 pen camera can earn you some big bucks with many companies.

    • Cheryl Smith says:

      These are legit companies.
      I have shopped with Intellishop and Primo Solutions.

  7. Marty says:

    I will try one of these.

  8. Phil says:

    I have been doing different type’s of shops, and was looking for new type;s of shops to do. I will try these shops.

  9. Cheryl Smith says:

    For those of you interested simply go to the website and sign up. Type in the company name and sign up as a new shopper.

  10. Monique says:

    Any other good paying on time companies.

  11. Martha B Ward says:

    I am interested in Mystery shopping. I have done some in the past.

  12. Sydney Kyle says:

    I have done Mystery Shopping in the past. All types including US Postal Service, and The Food Stamp program. I had to quit because I had a full time position. Now, I am retired and would like to do some mystery shopping again. I think customer service is one of the most important objectives that anyone selling anything should focus on. After shopping at many stores, I notice that Customer Service can be almost non existent. I would like to be a part of the movement that restores CS to the shopping experience.

  13. Philip Campiglia says:

    Send pay amounts and arrangements.

  14. hilda says:

    Any suggestions on how to find a good, inexpensive way to video the assignments. Thank you for your replies.