Aaron Murdoch

SeeLevel HX: Mystery Shopping Jobs (Full Review)

Company Overview: SeeLevel Human Experience (HX) is a research company dedicated to offering mystery shops in virtually every industry. Restaurants, banks, automotive and retail are just a few of the areas they serve. On a yearly basis, SeeLevel HX completes more than 250,000 mystery shopping opportunities thanks to their independent contractors.


How to Sign Up and Get Assignments: To join the mystery shopping team SeeLevel HX, one will need to enroll on their website to be considered for employment. Mystery shoppers are called “independent contractors” because they are not actually an employee of the organization. Due to this relationship, shoppers may work as often or as infrequently as they like. To sign up with this company, click here.


What Others Have to Say: According to the SeeLevel HX website, there are many great statements that some of their clients are saying about the company such as, “SeeLevel is an amazing company to work with. Not only outstanding service but the feedback had a very positive impact on our business.”


Job Openings Available Now: Currently, there is an ATV and watercraft shop available in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Oregon. This shop does not require a test drive and should only take about 30 minutes to complete. It pays $25 plus the possibility of a bonus. To learn more about this mystery shopping opportunity, click here.


Conclusion: SeeLevel HX appears to have some very recognizable and reputable clients that they have a solid business relationship with. One factor that I always look for is to find out if they a certified member of the MSPA. In this case, they are not. However, this is not necessarily a deal breaker and I would recommend those looking for more mystery shopping jobs to sign up and give them a try.


Your Comments:

  1. Anne Rose says:

    I have been an Independent Contractor for SeeLevel for many years. The pay for their assignments are reasonable. The are very reliable when it comes to payment.

  2. Tracey K. says:

    I have picked up a couple of distant SeeLevel shops and they have bonused travel expense without complaint. My latest one was a 60+ mile round trip and the generous bonus made it worthwhile. The reports are simple, not too involved with only one long narrative section of only 1500 characters. Payment is the usual “15th of the following month” but I’ve never had a problem getting paid. These shops are so easy, I have to admit I completely forgot that I had shopped the same location 9 months ago!

  3. Nina klepp says:

    Hi. I live in Torrance ca and are looking for mysteries shopping around that area. Thank you
    Nina Klepp

  4. Seelevel shopper says:

    Beware!!! SeeLevel is a scam company. They will refuse your payment and not respond to any emails. Do not waste your time. Go to any other company. I shop for over 10 other companies and this is the only one that refuses to pay without any reason. Scam scam scam