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Company Overview: Founded in 1994 in Pacific Grove, CA, Service Check (not to be confused with International Service Check), was the first 100% web based mystery shopping company. They have a wide variety of clients in the retail sector. In addition to traditional mystery shops, Service Check also conducts competitor shops and telephone shops.

Registration is on the Sassie system and their website is http://www.servicecheck.com.

Personal Experience: Although the company has a couple of clients in areas where I regularly travel, they are located on military installations where I do not have access.

What Others Have to Say: There are interesting comments regarding this company on Mystery Shop Forum. One shopper mentioned the editors in particular, “Oh my gosh! Service Check editors can be brutal! I got my report sent back for clarification. I finally satisfied them and since that was only my 2nd report I had done as a mystery shopper, I wondered if everyone would “nit-pick” my report apart like they did? But once you work with Service Check, just remember, they WILL comment on your report if something is missing. As you work for them, you get used to it. They are one of a few that will ask for more questions.”

Another area of concern with Service Check is their pay schedule. As one shopper put it, “They pay like clockwork…it’s just that their clock is slower than most clocks.” This is something a shopper should keep in mind, especially when considering one of their reimbursement shops.

Overall: Service Check has developed a reputation for wanting extremely detailed reports. To paraphrase one shopper, they want you to paint an overall picture, and then add the details from your specific experience. Another shopper commented that Service Check really forces shoppers to do good reports, which makes reports for other MSC’s easier.

There is also the issue of their extended pay time, and some reports of the pay schedule being extended, although none of those are relatively current, it is worth noting.

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  1. Glenn Hampton says:

    Service Check cancelled all shops for October and November 2019. There website is no longer active. They may be out of business.