Aaron Murdoch

Stop by a Hotel and Make $25 Mystery Shopping

Visiting a hotel is always a fun experience and depending on the chain, mystery shoppers have an opportunity to capitalize on not only making a cool $25, but on free stuff as well. If you were complete this hotel shop before 10 a.m. the chances are good that they will be serving a complimentary breakfast for all of their loyal paying customers.


Lucky for you, mystery shoppers don’t have to worry about the ‘paying’ part for this easy and well-paying assignment. The Mystery Shop Form has a posting for a job that asks the following question, “Who wants to make an easy $25 just to check out a hotel and get a few pictures?” I think I hear the whistling sounds of hands raising everywhere throughout the mystery shopping community.


The company promoting this mystery shopping assignment states that shoppers may conduct more than one shop and can even make a route out of them. If you plan on traveling in the near future, why not stop and earn some extra cash along the way? Sounds like a great way to make some easy gas money to me.


Locations for these hotel mystery shops can be found all across the country like Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, New England, Texas, Washington, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Wyoming. To find out if there is a hotel mystery shop located in your area, click here for more information.


Your Comments:

  1. Fred Daily says:

    Does this require a check in or just review the establishment?

  2. Aaron Murdoch says:

    Just a review. Click the link in the article to learn more about this shop.

  3. Fred Daily says:

    Where is the link to get details & to sign up?

  4. Yvette R Nicjold says:

    I am very interested I bring a mystery shopper.

  5. Yvette R Nichols says:

    Help me become shopper

  6. Eric says:

    And get the bed bugs running up and down the veins of your legs! These shops that they send you to a 1 star and minus 1-star motels. Don’t do them!!!