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The Biggest Mystery Shopping Platforms…

I would like to share information on the various platforms used by some Mystery Shopping Companies (MSCs). Some shoppers may not understand how this system works. It is beneficial to learn how all technology works in the world of mystery shopping. Technology makes our mystery shopping world more productive and efficient. Mystery shopping software is a powerful tool to report results in an efficient manner. I will discuss the following software systems that are used by some mystery shopping companies. These tools are used for scheduling, reporting and recording data in real time. These tools are valuable for mystery shoppers because it minimizes TIME. We know as the old saying goes, time is money and money is time.

What is Sassie? Sassie is a tool for mystery shopping that will allow the shopper to self-schedule assignments. Self-scheduling allows the shopper to schedule an assignment without sending a request to a scheduler. You are able to get assigned a shop immediately. Sassie also allows you to check into the location on your mobile device. Finally, you are able to record your data in real time. The best thing is that you are able to do the assignment on site and record your data. You can save the data and double check your responses when you return home.  

What is Shopmetrics? Shopmetrics is a software that provides training and certification materials. Ipsos is a company that uses this software. A lot of shops that you apply for will require you to become certified before you can perform the shop. The system is user friendly and it increases the quality of reporting surveys. This software also allows you to request shops and provide the data right into your mobile device. The software makes your assignments efficient and much more productive.  

What is the Prophet System?  The Prophet system is also an innovative software used in the mystery shopping industry. It is considered the most powerful and flexible software in the mystery shopping industry. The features on the Prophet software system will allow a shopper to self-schedule a shop immediately. The system also allows the company to send automatic emails to the shopper, based on the shopper demographics. The system will allow the shopper to record data in real time and forms are usually easy to access. The data is simple to enter.    

When you see a company under Sassie, Shopmetric, or Prophet you are not working for that company. You are working for the mystery shopping company, the company just uses the software to make mystery shopping more productive. None of the software systems process payments. It is only the software to provide paperless results for mystery shopping.

What is the Mobi App?  Ipsos uses this software as well, it utilizes this software as a check in system. The app is used to verify your time of check in at the location. Mobi audit integrates with the Shopmetrics platform to allow mystery shoppers to complete assignments effortlessly. You may use these apps on a desk top, however, they are more effective on a mobile device. All of these apps will allow the mystery shopper to be flexible using a hand held device. Field data is collected and recorded in real time. You can record findings instantaneously while on your assignment. Trendsource is a mystery shopping company that lets you check in on site and enter data into the report immediately. This is great because it cuts out all of the paperwork. Yes, you are now paperless! However, always have a backup. 

What is GEO verify? GEO verify is a tool some MSCs will use so you can do a check in as well. GEO verify tracks the shopper’s location like a GPS. It will record the time and the location. You will be given a code and you enter the code into the report. This application can be downloaded on any mobile phone platform. It uses the mobile phone GPS or cell tower triangulation to verify or track the shopper location. It will also track the time you are on location. This adds accountability for the MSC. A shopper would be required to utilize the GEO verify system if the company specifically states that it is required to be used. If a company specifies that this is how they want you to check in. You must use it, if not your report may be rejected.

Technology and the mystery shopping industry is moving fast towards allowing shoppers to be more productive as well as efficient. These companies also have a HELP section that you can email the scheduler or whoever to get the help you need as quickly as possible. The software system itself does not offer support for mystery shoppers. The software support is specifically for the software only. The innovative software measures quality and collects information on the go. Shoppers this is great news!  Please do not be afraid to go tech. You may have a few kinks along the way. But, you will work them out. Remember being in business requires taking a risk and being a quick thinker. GEOverify and Mobi can be downloaded for FREE from iSOS or Android. The positive side of using the applications are that you can use them online or offline to complete your reports.

I have provided the links for the companies. Visit the companies that are new to you and better yet read to be familiar about the company and what the company offers for mystery shoppers.

The companies I have listed are a few that utilize the Sassie, Prophet or Shopmetics software. Some may also use the GEO verify or the Mobi app. Have fun researching other mystery shopping companies and share your findings.

Presto Insta Shops

Primo Solutions 


I Secret Shop

KSS International.

I welcome all feedback positive and negative. Please share your thoughts about this article. As always, Happy Shopping.


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  1. Faye says:

    Can you tell me if Culver’s Restaurants are mystery shopped? If so, what states are shopped? I live in Michigan and I would like to do shops for Culver’s. Michigan has 60 Culver’s locations.

  2. JoAnna Jents says:

    The article was great and to the point. I use Geo Verify and I like it very much.
    What Mystery Shop Companies do restaurant shops in Chicago, IL?

  3. Rena Jager says:

    I’ve tried to add multiple profiles to Mobiaudit and it always gives me an error. I dont know what YRL to use…