Cheryl Darcel

These Apps Pay You to Shop

Mobile apps for mystery shoppers are becoming very popular. Mobile apps are becoming as popular as ridesharing is for transportation. It is changing the way shoppers can make money. Mobile apps are convenient and fun. Mobile apps can sometimes be a pain when the platform is not easy to navigate. I will talk about some mobile apps that are great money making tools. Think of yourself as a shopper who does 4-8 shops per day. Wow! You have to go home and input all of those survey reports. That could cost a shopper an enormous amount of time. Mobile apps will also require you to use your phone for taking pictures and images of your receipts. Of course, this information will be easily downloaded to your report.

The mobile app allows you to download the app on your iPhone or Android device. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, you are ready to start working. It is almost easier than signing up with a company on their website. Incidentally, some of these shopper apps can only be used on your mobile device. The perk to having the app on your device is that you can self-assign the shop you want.  You have the ability to proceed to the location. The best perk is that the survey is done while you are at the site. Presto, the shop is complete and has been submitted. Here are a few mobile apps I have found to be outstanding in the mystery shopping arena.

Field Agent app is excellent. You can sign up easily, it takes less than a minute. You will also fill out your banking information. Payment is usually available within 48 hours. You can cash out your payment when you like. This is how the app operates. You will find a lot of shops in your immediate area. You sign up for the assignment that interests you. This app lets you self- schedule the shops. You can also input whatever location you are in and find out if an assignment is available.

The app will tell you what the shop window is. The assignments usually have to be performed the same day. The assignment will give you the time frame for the shop. You complete the shop while you are in the app. There is nothing more to fill out when you return home. The shops you do on the Field Agent is for that company. You are paid directly by Field Agent.

Easy Shift app allows you to complete simple jobs. You simply download the app and fill out the information. Easy Shift calls each task a shift. You will complete those shifts in the time allotted. The assignment must be completed within the time limit. The assignments are in your home area, so you are never far away. This app pays through Pay Pal usually within 48 hours.

Presto Insta Shops app allows you to instantly assign yourself a shop. The Presto Insta Shop app is very user friendly and fun to use. The app will identify your location and list companies in your region. Presto unlike Field Agent uses the Sassie platform to list shops from various mystery shopping companies. You are paid by the company listed, not by Presto. Pay is also quick you do not wait 30 days for payment. You can select to get paid by Pay Pal or Amazon or Tango gift cards.

The following apps can be downloaded on your mobile phone for free. Please be aware of any scams that are out there. You will never be asked to pay to download a mystery shopper mobile app. These apps allow you to use the app while you have your mobile device. These companies will allow you to submit your survey all on your mobile device. Download the above apps by using these links. Go to your app store on your device or type in the link for Apple users and install icon will show.

Presto InstaShopper

Field Agent

Easy Shift

The following are excellent companies that have the capability for you to download the app on your smartphone. These companies have the capability of allowing you to input your information directly on your smartphone immediately while you are conducting your shop. Again, all of these apps can be downloaded for free. Happy productive shopping and have fun.

Maritz CX                

Market Force


I Secret Shop          

Secret Shopper

Gig Spot


Your Comments:

  1. Brenda Roseboro says:

    Thanks! I already use a couple and I live it! So, I am definitely going to try out these other ones.

  2. Alanna says:

    Haven’t tried this yet. Do all of these apps require that you have one of the more expensive smart phones or can you use them with an iphone 6? I also don’t like the fact that you can’t plan ahead. They want the shop done on the same day.

    • Cheryl Darcel says:

      Girl, you can have any mobile device. A iphone 6 is perfect. Mobile Apps does Android or Apple. You can also use them on any laptop or desktop. The mobile app just allows more flexibility. Maybe one day you may need that last minute shop you need to do right away. Schedules can be tricky. But the flexibility is awesome. One of the things we like about mystery shopping. Just try one and see how it goes. Trust me you may rethink your opinion.Let me know please what you think after trying out a mobile app shop. Happy shopping.

  3. Miranda Heinrich says:

    Survey retail and observa are what I use regularly. There are tons of others, too.

    • Cheryl Darcel says:

      If you know others please share.

    • Miranda Heinrich says:

      Go Spot Check, Missions, Mobee, My Insights, Streetbees, Up work, We Go Look, Red Peg, Eyes:On, Secret Shopper, All Of Us, Zap Surveys, Bai Talent, Booked Out, Next Crew, Push Models, Shop Kick, Task Bob, Taskkers, Smice, Pro Insight, Gananci, Fanagle, Pop Bookings, Task Easy, Insta Work, Micro Work, Market Agent.

  4. George Waring says:

    Companies need to relize just because we can input in an app does not mean the pay should be less.

    • CHERYL Darcel says:

      Good point. It depends on the company. You know in mystery shopping we have to pick out shops to see which one if profitable. I hear ya.

    • sherry says:

      The pay is low. The companies are making you use your car, gas, pay for maintenance, supply technology like smartphones and laptops, internet, etc. and think we’re supposed to pay for their companies use of our stuff. It should be regulated because it pays almost nothing.

  5. Cherl says:

    Thanks for the information But some of these apps on my phone I already have. It can be pretty hard at times, I guess it depend on which area you live in. I have had 2 of these apps for over three years and not one assignment. Maybe I need to give some of these other apps I don’t have a try.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Hi yes, some of the apps are low pay. Some pay about as much as the others. I do not look at the car and maintenance because the upkeep has to be done anyway. It can get tough, but mystery shopping pays for my phone and the internet. You will not get rich in this industry but it is a great supplement. Location may be a hinderance if you are in a smaller city. I pick and choose my shops.

  7. Miranda Heinrich says:

    Job Spotter is my favorite and the easiest money you’ll ever make! Simply take a picture of a now hiring sign and the front of the business. Within 24 hours you are credited based on if it says apply inside or if it’s a corporate place, etc.

    • Karen Buller says:

      This app didn’t work for me where I live. The job market here is really bad, nobody is hiring. I’ve been looking for a decent paying job for over 3 years. It’s one reason I started to do mystery shopping on a full time basis. I have to eat. But I can see how in some areas it would work well.

    • Miranda Heinrich says:

      That’s very odd. I’m in lame Rapid City, South Dakota.

  8. Judy says:

    I have been mystery shopping since 2003. The instant shops are great when I travel to another city and have extra time. I find a simple shop or two and earn an extra few bucks on top of my day.
    I live in a small town area, travel 1 to 2 hours for better paying shops. This is nice bonus money when I have down time between the planned shops.

  9. karron719 says:

    I’ve had Field Agent on my phone off and on for the past three years. I would check it every once in awhile and see what was happening. Then I found Merchandiser by $ (the logo is a big green M) These jobs are really good to do. In my immediate area (Inland Empire California) they handle a lot of merchandising for stores like 7-11, Circle K and others. You don’t have a tight time frame like you do with Field Agent (my other go to app for a quick buck), You could have all day, not hours. Or you can even be assigned a reoccuring gig that will
    last 6-6 weeks, with a biweekly drop in to the same location. The jobs at the convenience stores are easy. Usually they consist of dropping off some new product info to the ordering manager, give them a little upsell sales pitch, a little inventory and picture taking of already placed product and you’re done. In and out in 10-15 minutes per store, or less. That’s $8.00 in your pocket, on to the next one. I have done as many as 20 in a day and only drove no more than 12 miles from my house. There’s a 7-11 on every corner just about, almost as bad as Charbucks Coffee. With this app they will even text you route offers, which you can take or not. Or if you want to make your own route, let them know and they will block off the locations and give you more time to get them all done. They pay 3 times a month, which is better than 3 months later in my book.
    OK..that’s my two cents. I have to go write reports now.

    • Miranda Heinrich says:

      Be careful with that company. They will load you up with jobs and if you don’t watch you account, they will skip payments. They started out great for me but have slowly been going down hill. I hate that they don’t understand I need gas money to travel distances as I drive a full sized dodge ram 4×4.