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These Companies Pay You to Eat Fast-Food

Want to get paid to eat at restaurants such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Chipotle?

Then this article is for you. It’s a list of mystery shopping companies that will pay you to shop at fast food restaurants.

There’s a few things to keep in mind with this list.

First of all, I recommend signing up for more than one of these companies. Why? You’ll have more opportunities. Depending on where you live, some of these companies will have assignments, and some won’t. This depends on the restaurants they offer assignments for, their current availability, and other factors, such as whether they win or lose a mystery shopping contract.

  1. SeelevelHX is a large mystery shopping company that has shops avaiable nationwide. They use the Sassie platform, which can make it much easier to find their available shops.
  2. Bestmark is another large mystery shopping company, with a wide variety of shops, including fast-food restaurants.
  3. Intellishop is another large company with many shops available. They’re also known to offer bonuses.
  4. Market Force is one of those companies that nearly every mystery shopper has signed up for. If you haven’t yet, why not do it now?
  5. Confero is another established mystery shopping company, with a wide variety of shops, including restaurants and fast food assignments.

If you’re new to mystery shopping, and want even more work, I recommend reading my article on how to find mystery shops where you live.

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  1. David Agius says:

    Sentry has these assignments, too. Sadly, we are hated by mysteryshopforum so you will never see this post.

    • Michelle says:

      Yes, I’ve been a shopper for 22 yrs and after trying to work for Sentry, I’m sorry to say they are complicated and way strict on tiny matters that don’t make for true mystery shopping details. I had numerous floral shops and one time used card (vs cash) my shop denied. And Top Golf erroneous information per scheduler but I got the brunt. Too many hardcore schedulers who need flexibility to keep good shoppers.

    • Vicky says:

      I would like more information about companies who hire mystery shoppers, I worked in the restaurant business for over 20 years, therefore I do have knowledge of how it works.

  2. Angela Basset says:

    I had similar experience with Sentry and no longer do their shops. Hated by shoppers for good reason!

    • Barnabe Deinkes says:

      Greetings Angela. Am in Connecticut and new to this program. I am interested in doing it but, don’t know where, how to start, would you be willing to help me please?
      Massive thank you.

  3. Amber says:

    Hello everyone! First this is a great post with useful information. However, we should not overlook that our IC agreement with likely any legitimate MSP prevents releasing client and MSP information.

    We should aim to keep that integrity across all communications for companies where you have signed an agreement. I am sure executives at all the above mentioned companies would appreciate this discretion.

  4. George Brack says:

    I have always been treated well by Sentry.

  5. Patty Milne says:

    What company sends workers to chuckie cheese restaurant?

  6. Carlene Denmark says:

    Is it legal to secretly record sales people at their shops?

  7. Carlene Denmark says:

    Is it legal to secretly record sales people at their shops? I have never asked this before

  8. Carlene Denmark says:

    Is it legal to secretly record sales people I have never asked this before .

  9. Shelby Dodson says:

    That is my question also! Is it legal to record phone calls without their knowledge?

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