Aaron Murdoch

This Simple Mystery Shop Pays $100

Entering a new year is a fresh and new beginning but it can also bring in some not so desirable parts with it – holiday debt. At Mystery Shopper Magazine, we are always in search of finding interesting, fun, and high paying assignments for our readers to take advantage of. Today we have found a great one and it should only take about an hour of your time to complete.


On the Mystery Shop Forum, there is a job posting regarding an opportunity to go to a bank and open a new checking account which will not negatively affect your credit score in any way. Also, shoppers may choose to either keep the account or close it down completely after the assignment has been finished. Mystery shoppers will be paid $50 for the job itself plus an additional $50 bonus. In total, this assignment pays $100 for short time of work.


Some of the states where this mystery shopping opportunity is available are in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Texas. This mystery shopping company states that they are a “proud member of the MSPA” and says that shoppers “do not need any type of certification to perform these shops. We have been a well-established company for over a decade and have a great rapport with thousands of mystery shoppers!”


If this mystery shopping assignment sounds like something you would like to do, click here to learn more about what the opportunity has to offer.




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