Posted By Jacob Jans, Editor

This company pays shoppers weekly…

Arguably, the most important part of mystery shopping is the final step: getting paid. Some companies take months to pay their shoppers. Some have reputations for occasionally paying the wrong amount, or requiring extra work from shoppers to get paid.

Standing in sharp contrast, is Ipsos, who recently announced they will be paying mystery shoppers every single week.

Shoppers are reporting that this promise is turning into a reality.

Opanel, a Mystery Shop Forum Member, writes:

Isn’t it “interesting” that this company can move apparently seamlessly into a weekly payment schedule, whereas other companies have issues with a payment schedule of much longer duration?

Many mystery shopping companies don’t pay shoppers until the company is paid by the client. Sometimes, when the company doesn’t get paid by the client, the shopper doesn’t get paid. This move by Ipsos addresses that issue head on: Shoppers aren’t taking the risk of not getting paid if the MSC doesn’t get paid.

The downside to all of this, if there is one, is that this move is likely to encourage more people to actively mystery shop for Ipsos, which could result in lower pay from them. Time will tell how true that is.

If you’re looking for fast pay, from an established mystery shopping company, then sign up to be a shopper for Ipsos.

Your Comments:

  1. Fred says:

    I have enjoyed shopping with Ipsos and have been very pleased with their regular and prompt payment of shops.

  2. Teresa Bonga Lee says:

    Should encourage more companies tp pay the shoppers and i am pleased to to hear that other companies pay and care for the shoppers.


  3. Nigel says:

    I hope more companies follow their lead.

  4. David A Hoppe says:

    Work for them on a regular basis. Never a payment problem.

  5. Bella says:

    Getting paid quickly is definitely a huge plus to working with an MSP. Can’t deny that contractors must do their part by promptly and accurately submitting their reports! It’s a shared effort! Intouch Insight pays every 2 weeks which I feel is an excellent turnaround time compared to others. Plus their team of schedulers is a joy to work with!

  6. Taimi Sepulveda says:

    I really like the idea of getting paid weekly. I did some shops for another company and it took them about four months to pay. I am glad to see this changing.

  7. Fonds says:

    How do I get started

  8. Fonds says:

    How do I get started

  9. Matt says:

    I never got paid and used my own money yo shop … It sucks. I spent over 3,500 and didnt get it back or the other payment

  10. Thomas Miezejeski says:

    I have been working for this company even before they went to a weekly payment schedule but it was very welcome when they went to that schedule. When you do shops such as gas shops or especially restaurant shops where you have your own money tied up in the transaction if you want to do multiple shops that sell most important to get paid quickly. It’s unfortunate for the small Shopper companies who do not have the capital to finance quick payments. On the other hand most Shoppers need the money right away to so it’s good for them.

  11. Maggie Howlett says:

    Integrity is so important on either side. It definitely makes a positive experience for both the employee and the employer!

  12. Rebecca Galloway says:

    I would like more information about mystery shopper.

  13. Nicole chavez says:

    How do I get started?

  14. Beverly A Adams says:

    I have never worked for this company but am anxious to start.

  15. Mary Jo says:


    • kimberly chraika says:

      love this kind of work been out long time8572726584 always leave message need get place love compare price thanks you so much get back in touch me

  16. kimberly chraika says:

    hello once love shopping going movies and hang out with friend know ,ean ok

  17. Gina valentino says:

    Very interested in becoming a mystery shopper how do I start the process

  18. Abdul M Karimali says:

    I am really very interested in becoming mystery shopper, but I don’t know how to start the process.

    Thank you

  19. sheryl says:

    I was glad to see that they started to pay weekly too. I started with them earlier in the spring before the weekly pay. Once the weekly pay started, I noticed they started to nitpick my shops so now I am up to >$ shops that are “ON HOLD” for a number of different reasons.It started with the BP Consumer Audits/ Visual Audits. Each photo of the pumps wasn’t unique. They requested retakes of the pumps- and because they weren’t sent back in 6 hrs or less —no pay. In the meantime, they were begging people to do them, as they were drowning in audits. I complained and quit doing them. I moved on to just doing the contactless visa shops. Well now they are denying me payment on 2 of those because I didnt get a picture of the terminal- why? the terminal wasnt set up to do the credit card or phone contactless visa payment and had to pay by the chip and the only thing the terminal screen said or did was ask if I was greeted properly-which I did get a picture of. It took 1 month and weekly nagging to get paid for my Benefit Brow Shop of $32.00. I also quit doing the post office or UPS box shops because I lost money. By the time they paid you $12.00 for the shop and up to $17.00 reimbursment for the priority postage and the $2.00 of food stuff to put in the box to send to food pantries I lost money. The priority mail price was $19.45(-2.45 loss + 2.00 food stuff in box= loss of $4.45) So the USPS or UPS shop only paid you(if you got paid) $7.55 I am done with IPSOS.