Aaron Murdoch

This is a “No Nonsense” Mystery Shop

The Crowne Plaza hotel is a hospitality corporation with over 400 properties located in 65 different countries across the globe. It’s no wonder why this company is one of the top luxury vacation destinations in the business. According to their website, “Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts is one of the largest upscale brands in the world with hotels located in major urban centers, gateway cities, and resort destinations.”

Today’s mystery shopping opportunity, courtesy of the Mystery Shop Forum is available within both the United States and Canada. This assignment involves simply making a hotel room reservation and going through the check-in process. If your concerned that your credit card will be charged, or that you will have to pay a large fee, don’t be. Shoppers will not be billed a single penny, and no charges will be made to your account. In fact, mystery shoppers will not be actually staying at the hotel.

According to the post it states, “The shop is ONLY evaluating the check-in process. It’s a quick shop at the hotel and a short survey with yes/no type responses and very limited narrative.” The assignment can be completed any day of the week except Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The payment for the mystery shop is $25 and you won’t even leave the front desk. A few of the states where this job is available is in Alaska, Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, California, Indiana, Florida, and New York. For all of the Canadians, there are shops for you in Ontario and Quebec. Click here to find a shop located near you.

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    Would be interested in participating.

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    How do I login ?

  3. Scott Phillips; says:

    Check in is o reflection of atmosphere in;customers
    expectation how pleasement one’stay will be. The smile and attitude of the receptionisr will shape epectations. The overall beginning of one’s.pleasuren or displeasure with the ervice provided by the hotel

  4. Scott Phillips says:

    Would like to participate in this

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    Am abailable to you