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What is video mystery shopping?

Video has changed the game for both mystery shoppers and the companies that work with them. Video mystery shopping gigs are usually much higher-paying than traditional mystery shopping, and they give companies a much more honest, detailed look at their retail experience. So how can you make the jump to these higher paying video mystery shopping gigs? Read on to find out. 

How does video mystery shopping work? 

Video mystery shopping requires you to have a specific type of video equipment – your cell phone camera, unfortunately, won’t provide the quality they’re looking for. For video mystery shopping, you need to use a hidden camera – if shop employees know they’re being filmed, it affects the integrity of the results. These hidden cameras are usually wearable – they often look like a shirt button – so you’ll feel like a true secret agent when using them. There are a few companies that provide video equipment to their mystery shoppers. However, if you’re going to be doing video shopping assignments for several different companies, it usually makes the most sense to just invest in your own equipment. 

Just like any other mystery shopping assignment, you will be given a series of tasks to complete while you are in the store. You may need to ask the staff specific questions, check the stock and cleanliness of the store, or even purchase a specific item. You will also need to record your experience in the store as directed. This can require more than just turning the camera on – you’ll need to control it to make sure the footage you’re recording will provide value to the end client. 

How much can I expect to get paid? 

Because video mystery shopping is much more difficult than other mystery shopping assignments, you can expect to get paid much more as well. Video assignments usually start at $50, but they can go up to several hundred dollars plus reimbursements, particularly if schedulers are having a difficult time finding someone to do the job. If you get consistent video mystery shopping assignments, you could potentially do it as a full-time job – although it can take years of experience to get to this point.

Here are some companies known to offer video assignments:

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  1. David Hartley says:

    This is a great article and very
    Informative for shoppers. I did find
    It interesting that of the companies
    Listed, only one is truly a video mystery
    Shopping company. You also left off
    The two largest and most established video
    Shopping companies. Feel free to reach
    Out to me for further insight.
    David, CEO, Elite CX Solutions

    • Karen Probus says:

      What other reputable MSC do video shopping?

    • Chris says:

      Can you tell who the two biggest companies are?

    • karen stephens says:

      which companies were left out I have been thinking about doing this but just a question a lot of stores have metal detectors wont they go off with something like this? just wondering

    • Melissa Wallace says:

      I am ready to purchase my own equipment for video shopping. I know I need to purchase a PV500 and am wondering if there is a bundle I need or anything else in particular? Also, what are the other two companies?
      Thank you

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