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Work From Home as a Scheduler or Editor

Are you the type of person who is always on the lookout for additional money-making opportunities to help supplement your income? Me too, and I get very excited when I learn about these kinds of jobs. Mystery shopping is a wonderful way to earn extra cash but there are additional ways shoppers can get ahead financially.


A Closer Look is actively pursuing those who are interested in working from home as a mystery shopping scheduler and/or an editor. We are all aware of what a mystery shopper does but what about these other positions within the mystery shopping industry? These jobs do not require shoppers to leave the comfort of their own home and sometimes it’s nice to just hang out at the house for once.


According to A Closer Look’s website, those who make the best schedulers are those who have previous mystery shopping experience. Schedulers make approximately 20+ phone calls and text messages a day, “as well as emailing shoppers and handling shopper requests and inquiries.” This position requires a solid internet connection and a customer-focused attitude as they will be interacting with mystery shoppers on a daily basis.


Editors can work part-time from virtually anywhere within the United States. A Closer Look’s website states editors review mystery shopping reports for “content, consistency, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.” Having the knack for paying great attention to detail is a plus, along with the ability to read well and to follow precise directions, with a strong command of the English language is preferred.


So, if you would like to check out other ways to earn some extra cash within the mystery shopping industry, maybe becoming a scheduler or editor is right up your alley. To find out more about this opportunity, click here to check out A Closer Look’s job listings.


Your Comments:

  1. Dawn McClary says:

    So interesting, I am interested in some work at home opporturnities. Please contact me at 520 304 2621

  2. Flo Bo says:

    Are there other companies who use remote editors? I have eleven years experience doing exactly what you describe for a mystery shopping company. From what I understand A Closer Look requires you to sign up as a mystery shopper first before being considered. Considering my extensive editing experience I do not desire to mystery shop. Any suggestions?

    • Andrea says:

      Go to the Mystery Shop Forum and the Mystery Shoppers Providers Association online. You can find companies and use the forum to gain info on those opportunities. It does help to understand the industry, thus some companies requirement in having that MS experience.
      Good luck. Do your research to see if it’s for you.

    • Dee Dee Reynolds says:

      Flo..no need to brag about your editing abilities, obviously you didn’t read the statement that you just published.

      FYI: I’ve dealt with Editors as you would be, those who feel the sentence structure should be relayed as the way that you would have done it. In other words, the know-it-all’s who have no idea what the shopper’s educational status is. Just because you’ve done editing in the past, doesn’t mean that you’ve been correct.

  3. carol Aber says:

    I am very interested in your position as “Scheduler.” I’ve been in “Sales” and “Marketing for many years, and had also been employed quite a few years ago as a “Mystery Shopper” in New Jersey. Please E-Mail me or call me back in regard to this position. My phone number is (908) 399-8839

    Thank You

    Yours Truly,


    • carol Aber says:

      Please reply to me in regard to your ad for “Scheduler.” I have been employed in “Sales” and “Marketing” for many years, and also have been employed as a “Mystery Shopper” in the past. Please E-Mail me back in regard to your position, or call me back at (908) 399-8839.

      Thank You

      Yours Truly,

      Carol Aber

  4. Heather says:

    Word of advice: you have a better chance of getting hired if you send your resume to the MSC instead of waiting for someone to call you. Go on the MSC website and read the job description if available. Sometimes the MSC has online job applications to fill out but you should always have a resume prepared in case they ask. Try to tailor your resume according to their list of qualifications. Then get the name of the person who’s hiring for that position and email them your resume. It helps a lot if you have previous mystery shopping experience. Good luck!

  5. Mia says:

    Hi thank you for the information please email me or Text,call 823-992-9250

  6. tahra Ridge says:

    Reading must be a lost Art!


    I have shopper experience and am looking for work at home

  8. Heather Castro says:

    Please be careful about leaving your phone number or other personal information here. You can be a target for scammers. It’s better if you contact the MSC directly and ask about jon

  9. Heather Castro says:

    Please be careful about leaving your phone number or other personal information here. You can be a target for scammers. It’s better if you contact the MSC directly.

  10. Pearl says:

    SMH! Are you people seriously leaving your number. You have to go after the job it is not going to come to you…Follow instructions.Jezz

  11. michael burack says:

    I am a retired, well seasoned, on site mystery shopper, interested in doing editing work @ home….Michael…312-675-8030

  12. Kathy Phillips says:

    I am interested in picking up some extra work/hours as an editor. I have mystery shopped for the last few years.

  13. Rolanda Sabree says:

    These comments are DEADLY! I can not stop laughing!!!

  14. Jerry Ann Thomas says:

    4526 Saint Anthony Ave.
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70122

  15. Denise Carrick says:

    I have never seen or read such meanness remarks in one spot before. Shame on those of you. If you can not help someone out,don’t bother to reply. Helping is not cutting people down.Telling someone their bragging is not helping!Every site has there down falls and there negativeness,but come on! Shame. Help or don’t say anything.(oh and by the way don’t reply to this with negativeness),(don’t care and I respond to it). Thank You.