Posted By Jacob Jans, Editor

5 Companies With Jobs for Mystery Shoppers

Want to make more money as a mystery shopper? Then you’ve got to find more opportunities.

Here are five companies that pay mystery shoppers.

I recommend signing up for all of these companies, and seeing what they have to offer, and even if they don’t have any assignments for you now, they may in the future

JM Ridgway is a well established company with a wide variety of assignments, including mattress assignments. They’ve been around for over 90 years. You can sign up with them here.

InTouch Insights, also known as GCS Field Research, is a large mystery shopping company, with a wide variety of assignments. You can sign up with them here.

Market Force is one of the biggest mystery shopping companies out there. If you haven’t yet signed up for them, it’s worth doing, simply to see what they have in your area. Here’s the link.

HS Brands has grown by purchasing other mystery shopping companies, and are now a large company in their own right. They do retail, phone, and restuarant shops. You can sign up for them here.

Sinclair Mystery Shopping offers mystery shops for retail stores, convenience stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. You can sign up for them here.

Your Comments:

  1. Brenda says:

    I have been reading your magazine for just a couple of months now and find much of the information very helpful. I do have a few questions for you:
    Is Trendsource actually The Source?
    Do I pay a fee for using Field Agent?
    Lastly, is there payment required for using Mobiaudit?

    • James says:

      Yes, Trend Source is also known as The Source.
      NEVER pay a fee to any mystery shopping company, but you might think about reporting them to the MSPA. No real mystery company requires ANY fees.
      Mobiaudit is a free app, no fees required.

      I’ve worked with TrendSource for over two years and they pay well, pay quickly, and are very easy to work with. You can become certified as a Field Agent and get a further certification to do on-site inspections. TrendSource will provide all your training for free.

  2. Carol Domek says:

    I would like to get started as a secret shopper.

  3. Carol Domek says:

    I enjoyed the article and the insight and would love too did this job.

  4. Deborah Howell says:

    Ath & Pinnacle can you give me their pay schedules?

  5. Phyllis Wood says:

    I would like to be a secret shopper.. I am experienced with being a Mystery Shopper.
    Phyllis Wood

  6. Thomas Mahaffey says:

    I have done bank mystery shops in the past and I was a manager for a convenience store for 45 years so I know what is required for a mystery shopper

  7. Brenda Seymore says:

    I’m very much interested in becoming a mystery shopper. I don’t want to do any wire transferring with WesternUnion, at one time a signed up and I would only get them kind of assignments.

  8. Karl Brudke says:

    I own my business fb or 25 years and would love to hepl others

  9. Anthony J Flanders says:

    9412 NE Sherwell Dr
    Midwest City, Okla 73130

  10. Trend source says:

    all posts referencing Trend sourch are untrue!!!

  11. Brian Whiting says:

    Your email said that there were 7 jobs that you could do at home. Being disabled this intrigued me. None of these were such an opportunity.

  12. Brenda Roseboro says:

    I had worked for Market Force for years. But I do not bother to find assignments with them anymore. They changed their requirements and if you do not accept an assignment within a certain time frame please, they deactivate your account! It is too much trouble to have to keep going through the process of reactivation everytime.

  13. Erneside says:

    Any MS Companies out there offering much Airline travel, or Holiday Destination trips as MS exercise? I do not know of too many, here in Europe.

  14. Heidi says:

    How do I sign up
    I was a mystery shopper years ago
    I use to go to Exxon and and Kmart and other stores