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How I Made $14,000 A Year Mystery Shopping

It is possible to make a lot of money mystery shopping. How? Well, for this shopper it all began with receiving an email titled, “Sign up and Become a Mystery Shopper!” At this time, the shopper was a 30-year-old law school graduate with nothing but $45,000 of debt under his belt. In the beginning of his career, he was barely able to make ends meet so, he signed up and became a mystery shopper, and is now completely debt free.

How did he earn $14,000 in one year? At the height of his mystery shopping career, he devoted six hours every Saturday to ‘shopping’ different locations of a particular coffee shop chain, then spending the final two hours filling out reports that needed to be sent back to the companies for review. That’s all it took for this new shopper to get ‘hooked’ on the adrenaline high of mystery shopping.

His mystery shopping only increased from there, beginning to complete assignments during lunch breaks, as well as on the commute to and from work. Basically, anytime he was out shopping, he would make time to squeeze in a shop or two. At one point, this shopper was registered with over 75 mystery shopping companies! It is amazing how much time we actually have – even when we think that we’re too busy to take on additional tasks.

Personal quote: According to this shopper, “I made about $14,000 that year as a mystery shopper, and that’s not including reimbursements – just pure earnings. In September of 2008, I paid for a 2009 Honda Fit—in cash! There’s no way that I would have been able to do that otherwise. I love that car to this day.”

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