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How to Find Mystery Shopping Jobs In Your Area

One of the basic questions that every mystery shopper needs to answer is this: How do you find mystery shopping jobs where you live?

Fortunately, there are a lot of resources that can make the job search much easier. But — before I present the resources, let me reframe the question a little bit.

Instead of searching for mystery shopping jobs in your area, you should be searching for companies that might have assignments in your area (even if they don’t right now.)

Why? Because often the best assignments are only available occasionally — or only available to a company’s favorite shoppers.

So, instead of searching for jobs available right now, search for opportunities.

One of the tools for doing this is to search Jobslinger, which is provided by Sassie. It is a free search engine for mystery shopping jobs — you can just type in your zip code, and be presented with a list of jobs available. Now, the trick here is to sign up for companies offering the jobs whether or not you want those specific jobs — and even of those jobs are not available anymore.

Why? Because if a company is active in your area, odds are they’ll have more than one opportunity for you in the long run.

Another resource is the job search through Mystery Shopping Providers Association. This is also provided by the same company as Jobslinger, but gives you more options, as well as slightly different research.

One more resource is the job board on This isn’t the ideal way to find jobs, but it can be valuable. Do a google search using the following keywords: “ 98225” — just change out 98225 with your zip code. You can also change it out with your city name, state, etc.

Using all of these resources, you’ll be likely to find plenty of opportunities for mystery shopping where you live.

In short:

  • Find companies that have had jobs in your area (or are likely to)
  • Sign up for those companies
  • They will email you opportunities, or you can search their individual job boards

One more thing. If you’re signing up for a lot of companies, I recommend creating a separate email address just for mystery shopping. You’ll likely be getting a lot of emails. This will make it easy to keep the overwhelm mystery shopping email separated from your personal email. Just another way to stay a little bit sane.

If you want to make the most out of your mystery shopping endeavours, then I highly recommend getting a free copy of The Concise Guide to Mystery Shopping.

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  1. John Cartelli says:

    Very insightful. Thank You

  2. Fred Shuback says:

    I use Jobslinger a lot. A second site that aggregates mystery shopping activity is GigSpot.

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