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How to Make $70 Praying on Sunday Morning

According to Pew Research, the Christian population within the United States has dropped from 78.4 percent to 70.6 percent between the year 2007 and 2014. Why is this? Apparently, the Protestants and Catholics are experiencing a decline in their faiths while non-denominational and non-Christian faiths are beginning to increase.


Another not-so-common fact about the religious landscape across the country is the common practice of “religious switching.” This interesting trend is defined, “as many as 42 percent of U.S. adults have switched religions.” The research group also states that 37 percent of Americans, “identify with a different religious group than the one in which they were raised.”


Mystery Shopper Magazine is no stranger to the many mystery shop opportunities available in places of worship. The Mystery Shop Forum currently has a job posting for guest parishioners to sign up and earn anywhere between $55 and $70 just to attend a Sunday morning church service. You may be asking yourself, “what’s the catch?” The answer is that there isn’t a catch. This is a legitimate way to earn a great income for only about an hour of your time.


The post states that this company is always on the lookout for new shoppers and they strongly encourage those interested in this opportunity to sign up on their website. Mystery shoppers are paid weekly and they claim that the virtual survey to be completed is “super easy.” Are you interested in getting paid to pray? If so, this is definitely the mystery shop for you. Click here to get paid to go to church.


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  1. Ainla says:

    I am a Christian . Getting paid to pray? No thank you. It’s feels the wrong it sounds wrong and my conscience will not allow it. When I pray, which is every day, it’s between God and me not because somebody is paying me to pray to Him.

    • Sandra Sheppard says:

      This is creepy. I am a Catholic and I think it is a sacralidge. Wish I could be positive about this but the whole thing screams dishonest intentions.

    • Kelli Foster says:

      Hi Ainla! Thanks for the feedback. We hear that a lot. We totally understand that point of view and respect it. Check out our mission and vision on our website https://faithperceptions.com/how-were-different

      If you want to chat further, let us know! We are in the business of feedback so we always welcome a good conversation on the topic. Support@hendricksonba.com or 573-335-1760


  2. Mike says:

    I have done these shops before. You are not being paid to worship. You are being paid to check the service being provided at the service. A non-member’s perspective can provide the opportunity to improve the service and make visitors feel more welcomed. Other things like “where are the bathrooms?” and “did anyone greet you?” are very important and sometimes get neglected. I did one for a very formal Catholic church and another for a Christian church in a middle school gym. Growing up in churches from small mission churches to mega churches with their own college and schools give me a unique perspective. However, anyone can do this shop as long as you leave your prejudices at home and can answer questions just like any other mystery shop that is trying to have friendly staff and great service.

    • Kelli Foster says:

      Hey Mike! Thanks for speaking up. We appreciate your testimony there. We are glad you could conduct a visit for us. You explained it perfectly!

  3. Laurie J Hendrix says:

    It is a great way to increase your understanding of what others believe and how they worship! So many people are closed minded and don’t see the agency we each possess to our constitutional rights to worship.

  4. Kelli Foster says:

    Hey Sandra!
    We definitely understand the first impression of our research sometimes it misunderstood. Check out my reply to Ainla. Our site and FAQs might help understand our mission and vision. We are believers and we want the best for the Churches we work with. The church hires us so we never send a mystery guest to a church uninvited, so to speak. I am Catholic as well and it is eye-opening research and helps me at my own church think of guests and new people and hoping they feel welcomed as well. You know the Catholic Mass can be very overwhelming for a new person so it has really helped us see providing information for new people is very important. We are working on a Guide to the Mass type of program. One step at a time!

    Let me know if you want to discuss further! Take care!


  5. Catherine Kariuki says:

    I would be interested in this assignment.

    • Kelli Foster says:

      Hey Catherine! Thanks for your interest. We would love for you to sign-up. We are here Monday-Friday 8 to 5pm if you have questions – 573-335-1760 or email support@hendricksonba.com. Here is the link to sign-up:

      Click on the logo in the center of the page if you want to read more about us as that will take you to our website.


  6. Sheryl Kolojay says:

    Maybe it would be less offensive to everyone if the title didn’t state: “…make $70 to pray…” How about “…make $70 to evaluate…”

    • Kelli Foster says:

      Hey Sheryl!
      This article was obviously written by the magazine, and at times we use the title Get Paid to Go To Church and usually that gets people’s attention. We use other titles for our job postings such as Market Research, Church Evaluation and such. Just depends on the circumstances but we agree, it can turn people off sometimes. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Richard Clifford says:

    If this is, indeed, the requirements for said shop then sign me up.

  8. susan says:

    I would love to do it and then give the money to my church. It doesn’t say how to do it though. I get these emails all the time, but they never say how to participate. As far as I’m concerned this is SPAM. You’re dangling a carrot in my inbox.

  9. Evelyn Fraser says:

    I would be willing to do this shop.

  10. Evelyn Fraser says:

    I feel this would be necessary to help the churches. I realize that population is going down as the older folks are passing away. We need to get the younger generation to attend church.

  11. Peggy says:

    I’d like to do this but am not giving my social security number before being accepted or getting the first shop. That’s too bad.

    • Evelyn Fraser says:

      I would like to do these shops in my area. 34684

    • Kelli Foster says:

      Hi Peggy!
      We totally understand, we only use that info for tax purposes and our website is completely secure (https://) but if you want to continue and see our assignments, we also post them on an app/website called GigSpot (www.gigspot.com) and you don’t have to give your Social right away. Our website is just programmed that way and it is required upon sign-up. Let me know if you have other questions. Thanks!

  12. Jim Ori says:

    I think it’s not news, there are even ‘shoppers’ who mourn upon the death of a loved. so anything is possible.

    Am not in US so what kind of jobs/tasks do you have for online supporters.

    • Kelli Foster says:

      Hi Jim! You have to be able to visit the actual church so at this time there are not online jobs. Once you go to the actual church you would be filling out the survey online. But we have specific churches on our job board that you have to be able to visit. Any other questions? Let us know. Thanks!

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