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This company pay shoppers within 2 days…

We recently wrote about a company that pays mystery shoppers weekly. Well, here’s one that’s even better. Mystery shoppers on Mystery Shop Forum are reporting that Observa pays in as little as a few hours. Now that is fast.

One shopper wrote:

“Aren’t they awesome? I did a lot of gas station shops for them, and was paid within days. “

Though, in that discussion on the forum, there is a bit of playful sarcasm. One shopper, for example, complains of getting paid “in 49 hours instead of the usual 48.”

Many companies don’t pay for weeks, or even months. They often make the excuse that they are waiting to get paid from the business getting shopped. However, this shows that it isn’t necessary to wait in order to pay mystery shoppers.

A well run mystery shopping company can pay shoppers as soon as the assignment is successfully completed.

If you’re interested in working for Observa, you can sign up here.

I recommend that you do – to help support shopper friendly companies.

Do you run a mystery shopping company? How is your payment scheduled determined? Is there anything shoppers can do to encourage faster pay? Let us know in the comments!

Your Comments:

  1. Robyn Michaels says:

    So…why not publish the name of the company & how to get in touch? What a waste of a post!

    • Lanie says:

      They did mention the name of the company. Observa
      When you click the link it takes you straight to Observa

    • Dani says:

      Did you read the article? It clearly gives the name and the link to go right to the website for the company.

  2. Teri M Spears says:

    EasyShift is also a great fast app…paid within2-3 days!

  3. Dianna says:

    I just signed up with this company. However, when I attempted to log in it said “login forbidden” at the top of the screen.

    Anyone else have a similar problem please reply.

  4. David A Hoppe says:

    I have worked with Observa and have been paid in 15 minutes after the shop was submitted.

    • Miranda Heinrich says:

      Exactly! Observa usually pays within 15-30 minutes unless its a weekend or holiday, then you get paid the following business day. The longer you wait to do the job the higher the pay, just like all of the rest, but you also take the risk of losing the job because someone else picked it up.

  5. Dianna Leib says:

    Problem resolved (somehow). The app just popped open for me.
    I like to idea of getting paid quickly, but if you had any idea how much these companies pay the ones we work for, these guys would be out of business. Their shop pay is pathetic. But, if most of us continue to complete low paying shops, the pay will never go up.

    • LadyTSB says:

      Yes, very true. As long as shoppers keep taking low-paying shops which are really not worth the time, effort, or gas, the fees will continue to be pathetic. It’s unfortunate.

  6. Dianna Leib says:

    Problem resolved (somehow). The app just popped open for me.

  7. Dianna Leib says:

    I attempted to reply something negative regarding the shop pay for this company and I wasn’t allowed to. Said it was a duplicate message when in fact it wasn’t.

    Now that was weird. lmfao

  8. Lynne Barton says:

    This specific website, Mystery Shopper Magazinem DID give some good usable information about MS companies. How about a list of companies that will pay by check ?
    Some of us have had some frightful experiences with Paypal, as well as other companies that are third party companies paying through the Internet, etc.

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